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Unique and Inspirational Hawaiian Wedding Customs and Traditions

wedaloha41Mar 25, 2018, 7:27:58 PM

Wedding of Hawaii, stuck my thoughts to the overwhelmed beauty, mesmerizing nature and peace of that tropical island. Hawaii is one of the world’s awesome place for destination weddings and honeymoon also. You must have heard a lot about Destination Hawaii Weddings. It is an amazing thought if you are planning your big day to be organized in Hawaii. Hawaiian Wedding customs are as interesting as the place is. If you want to explore, here I have found some of their wedding traditions for you.

Flower garland (lei):

Whenever talked about Hawaiian weddings, the first thing came in our mind is lei. The most significant object of Hawaiian Weddings is Lei garlands. It indicates the symbol of love, respect, and eternal love. Both the bride and groom exchanges lei garlands at the time of wedding ceremony followed by a kiss. It can also be worn by the members of the wedding party. Lei signifies deep affection, loyalty and endless love to each other.

Wedding rings:

Due to the remarkable values of Ti Leaf and Koa wood, they are used at the time of their wedding rites. Ti Leaf symbolizes soundness, affluence, and benediction of the mind, body and spirit. Koa wood is evaluated as a precious hardwood that represents sincerity and strength. The Koa wood is stowed in a bowl of water and the Ti Leaf is dipped into it. While sprinkling water over the rings (usually sprinkled three times), a blessing chorus is recited. Water has its own relevance, it demonstrates sending back all the restraints to the ocean and a new outset for the couple.

Nature’s Involvement:

In some way, they all assimilate the beauty, flora, segments and echo of the Hawaiian islands to enhance and celebrate the sacred occasion. The people feel the beauty of nature in everything. Even in bridal accessories, baby roses, orchids, sweet-smelling pikake are worn. Antheriums and orchids are placed in bride’s hair and also used in a tight bouquet.

Hawaiian melody:

When it comes to the Hawaiian melody, the traditional Hawaiian song “Ke Kali Nei Au- Waiting for Thee” is played on ukulele and slack-key guitar in all Hawaiian weddings. The song is played for the time of wedding ceremony and couple’s first dance. The rhythm of Hawaiian music is very soothing and romantic.

Pu Blowing:

The bride’s entrance is announced by blowing a conch shell called Pu. It signals the bride to start her walk down the aisle. It is believed that the long and deep call of Pu is blown to call earth, water, air and fire as the witnesses to the ceremony. The best thing about it is that it helps people to get involved at the moment.


The Weddings of Hawaii adopted white color for both the bride and the groom. Bride adorns an all-white dress that can be a gown, a fringe or an island wear with a colored sash (often red) at her waist. She also wears a crown made of flowers called Haku. The orthodox set for the groom is aloha shirts paired with light colored pants. It is not mandatory to wear all white if you are seeking a Destination Hawaii wedding. You can have a trial to authentic coconut bras and grass skirts for fun sake.

Lava rock and Ti Leaf Rituals:

Ti Leaf and Lava rock represent fusion of two people and their boundless devotion. Lava rock is wrapped into Ti leaf and left at the wedding spot as an offering. The lava rock is symbolic of the moment that you have made a lifetime commitment to each other. The motive of Ti leaf and Lava rock is that it nourishes and blesses the fusion of the couple.

Pouring of the sands:

The bride and groom pours two different colored sands into one glass container and mingles it. It represents that the bride and groom’s soul has become one and they can’t be seperated.

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Circle of Flowers:

As the couple exchange wedding vows, rings and leis, a circle or a heart shaped design of flowers is used to adjoin the altar or for the couple to stand together. This tropical circle indicates a band of love surrounding the couple.

Hula Dance:

Hawaiian Hula is an ancient and sacred form of expressing the deepest feelings and connects the dancer with the divine. Hula is a sensual form of dance and it carries a message about what Hawaiians thought, lived and believed in. For an authentic touch, a bride may choose to prepare and perform Hula for the groom. One can hire hula dancers to interpret the songs. Hula dancers sometimes wear a haku lei, a beautiful floral headband. Now a days, hula has diminished its popularity.

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