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Iran's Support for Terrorism

irannewszineMar 21, 2018, 4:28:56 PM

Iran has become a critical and dangerous terrorism sponsor. The motivation for supporting terrorism have changed over time but they still remain committed to supporting terrorist groups. Iran's motivation for supporting terrorism have to do with the fact that they view that as an instrument of power. Their support in the recent years has become greater and this has been motivated by a mix of not only fear but also opportunism. In the coming years, this is bound to become more aggressive and given that it is on track to becoming a nuclear superpower thus becoming even more protective. If the government is thwarted by the use of the military or any other means then it will react by using terrorists to retaliate and exact vengeance.

Other quarters argue that relationships with terrorist militants is an important part of Iran's foreign policy. The country is said to sponsor various organizations in the Middle East and has the capacity to carry out global terrorism. Iran's unholy alliance with terrorists and the destabilization of the region are a threat to America's interest and allies in the Middle East. The activities in Tehran worsen the civil wars and make the region more unstable. Tehran has in the past used its ability to strike American assets outside the war zone so as to deter the US and act as a contingency plan should America decide to attack Iran. Know more about Mark Dubowitz CEO of FDD here.

Iran stands to benefit from this alliance with terrorists in many ways. It helps Iran to create key alliances like with the Syrian government and gives the country leverage against local rivals. Relationships with terrorist groups help to strengthen pro-Iranian support thus increasing the influence in some cities and even in remote hinterlands in other countries. The other fact is that the threat of Iran using terrorists against other countries is something that these countries need to factor in before they decide to confront Iran. Visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-dubowitz-746301/!

The best approach to break off the ties between the Iranian administration and terrorism is by resetting US relations with important allies. Some of the allies in the Middle East had no faith with the previous administration and the current administration has an uphill task to try and bridge this gap. The US also needs to put pressure on organizations like the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps that will help it send the right message to Iran. The government should also set up a powerful Syrian opposition.