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What to Think, How to Think

Luminous▼SovereignMar 17, 2018, 12:11:15 PM

Our parents at home and teachers at school always tell us what we must think, but never in life do they teach us how to think.

To know what to think is relatively very easy. Our parents, teachers, tutors, authors, etc.—each one in his own manner—is a dictator. Each one of them wants us to think about their dictations, demands, theories, prejudices, etc.

Dictators of the mind are as widespread as weeds. There is everywhere a perverse tendency to enslave the mind of the neighbor, to bottle up it, to force it to live within determined norms, prejudices, etc.

The thousands and millions of dictators of the mind have never wanted to respect the mental freedom of anyone. If someone does not think as they do, they classify him as perverse, renegade, ignorant and so on.

Everybody wants to enslave everyone else. Everybody wants to violate the intellectual freedom of their neighbor. Nobody wants to respect their neighbor’s freedom of thought. Everyone feels himself to be sensible, wise, marvelous, and, as it is natural, wants others to become like him; everyone wants others to take him as a model so that they think like him.

The mind has been abused too much. Observe businessmen and their advertisements in newspapers, radio and television, etc.: they make their commercial advertising in a dictatorial way. “Save money, buy such and such a soap! Buy such and such shoes for few dollars! Buy it now! Immediately! Do not leave it for tomorrow! It has to be done at once!, etc.” The only thing left for them to say is: if you do not obey, you will be put in jail or we will kill you.”

Parents forcefully want to push their own ideas into their children, and schoolteachers reprimand, punish, and give low grades if their students do not willingly accept their schooling ideas.

Half of humanity wants to enslave the mind of the other half of humanity. This tendency of enslaving other people’s mind stands out at first sight when we study the dark pages of history.

Everywhere there have existed—and still exist—bloody dictatorships determined to enslave countries, bloody dictatorships that dictate what people must think.

Unfortunate is the one who tries to think freely; such a one will inevitably go to a concentration camp, to Siberia, to prison, to hard labor… to the scaffold, to capital punishment, or to exile, etc.

Neither teachers, nor parents, nor books want to teach one how to think.

People enjoy forcing others to think according to the way they believe is the best, thus, obviously, by their own whim, everyone is a dictator in their own way thinking we are in possession of the final word, firmly believing that the rest must think as we do because we believe ourselves to be the best of the best.

Parents, teachers, managers, scold their subordinates over and over again.

The horrible tendency of humanity to be disrespectful to others, to violate the mind of their neighbor, to encage, lock up, enslave, and chain their neighbor’s thought is frightening.

A husband wants to enclose with his ideas the mind of his wife, in order to force his doctrine, etc., into her; and his wife wants to do the same. Thus, many times, husband and wife divorce because of an incompatibility of ideas. Both spouses do not want to comprehend the necessity of respecting the intellectual freedom of one’s neighbor.

Nobody has the right to enslave the mind of their spouse. In fact, both spouses are worthy of respect. Each one has the right to think as they please, to practice the religion or to belong to whatever political party they please.

Schoolchildren are forcibly compelled to think on certain ideas, but are never taught how to handle their minds.

The minds of children are tender, flexible, and ductile, while those of elderly people are hard, fixed like clay in a mold; they do not and cannot change.

The minds of children and youngsters are capable of many changes; they can change.

Children and youngsters can be taught how to think, yet it is difficult to teach elderly people how to think because they are the way they are and die in this way. Therefore, to find an old person who is willing to change radically is a great oddity in life.

The minds of people are molded from childhood, since molding is what parents and schoolteachers prefer to do. They enjoy molding the minds of children and youngsters.

A mind shaped according to a mold is, in fact, a conditioned mind, an enslaved mind.

It is necessary for schoolteachers to break the fetters of their own minds.

t is essential for teachers to know how to guide the minds of children towards true freedom, so that they will learn how to not allow anyone to enslave their minds ever again.

It is indispensable that teachers teach their students how to think.

Teachers must comprehend the necessity of teaching their students the path of analysis, meditation, and comprehension.

A comprehensive person must never accept anything in a dogmatic way. It is essential to first investigate, comprehend, and inquire, before accepting.

In other words, we state that instead of accepting, it is necessary to investigate, analyze, meditate, and comprehend. Thus, when comprehension is complete, acceptance is irrelevant.

It is worthless to fill our heads with intellectual information if on leaving school we do not know how to think and continue to live as living automatons, as machines that repeat the same routines of our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, etc.

o always repeat the same thing, from home to work and from work to home, to marry and become little child-making machines, indeed, this is not living, but to live the life of machines. If that is what we study for, if for that we go to school, college, and university for twelve of fifteen years, then it would be better not to study.

Mahatma Gandhi was a very remarkable man. Many times, Protestant pastors sat on his doorstep for entire hours trying to convert him to Protestant Christianity.

Gandhi did not accept nor did he reject the teaching of the pastors. He comprehended and respected it, and that was all.

Many times the Mahatma said, “I am Brahman, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, etc.”

The Mahatma comprehended that all religions are necessary because all of them contain the same eternal values.

Accepting or rejecting any doctrine or concept reveals a lack of mental maturity.

When we reject or accept something, it is because we have not comprehended it.

Where there is comprehension, accepting or rejecting become irrelevant.

The mind that believes, the mind that does not believe, the mind that doubts, is an ignorant mind.

The path of wisdom does not rely on believing, not believing, or doubting.

The path of wisdom consists of inquiring, analyzing, meditating, and experiencing.

For the mind, the truth is the unknowable from moment to moment. Thus, the truth has nothing to do with what our mind believes or stops believing, nor does it have anything to do with skepticism.

The truth is not a matter of accepting or rejecting, rather, it is something to experience, something to undergo and comprehend.

Therefore, the priority of teachers must be, in the final synthesis, to lead their students towards the cognizant experience of that which is the Reality, that which is the True.

It is essential for schoolteachers to abandon that antiquated and damaging tendency which is always directed to mold the flexible and ductile minds of children.

It is absurd that adults—who are filled with prejudices, passions and antiquated preconceptions, etc.— run over the minds of children and youngsters when trying to mold their minds according to their rotten, dumb, and antiquated ideas.

It is better to respect the intellectual freedom of their students, to respect their mental quickness, their spontaneous creativity.

Teachers do not have the right to confine the minds of students to a cage.

What is essential is to not dictate to the minds of students what they must think but rather, to completely teach them how to think.

The mind is the instrument of knowledge, and it is necessary for teachers to teach their students how to use their instrument wisely.

The Mind

We have been able to verify by direct experience that it is impossible to comprehend what love is without comprehending in an integral manner the complex problem of the mind.

Those who suppose that the mind is the brain are completely mistaken. The mind is energetic, subtle, and can become independent from matter; under certain hypnotic states or during everyday physical sleep, the mind can be projected to very remote places in order to see and hear what is happening in those places.

In laboratories of parapsychology, noteworthy experiments have been made on individuals in a hypnotic state.  During their hypnotic state, these individuals were able to recall—with minute detail—information about events, people, and occurances that were taking place during their hypnotic trance at very remote distances. After the completion of those experiments, scientists were able to verify the authenticity of that information; they were able to verify the reality concerning the facts and accuracy of those events.

So, by means of those experiments in the laboratories of parapsychology, it has totally been demonstrated, through observation and experience, that the brain is not the mind.

Indeed, we can state with surety that the mind—independent of the brain—can travel through time and space in order to see and hear things that happen in remote places.

The reality of extrasensory perception has already been completely demonstrated; only a dim-wit or an idiot could think of denying the reality of extrasensory perceptions.

Understand: the brain is made to elaborate thought, but it is not thought. The brain is merely the instrument of the mind; it is not the mind itself.

We need to study the mind in depth if we truly want to know in an integral manner that which is called love.

The minds of children and youngsters are more flexible, ductile, quick, alert, etc.

Many are the children and youngsters who enjoy asking their parents and teachers about this, that, and these other things. They want to know something more, this is why they ask; they observe, they see certain details that adults do not appreciate or cannot perceive.

As the years go by and we become older, our flexible mind little by little assumes a crystalline form. Thus, the minds of old people are fixed, stone-like, and do not change, not even under cannon shots. Yes, old people are like that, and like that they die, they do not change; they approach everything from their fixed point of view.

The chattering of old people, their prejudices, fixed ideas, etc., all appear like a rock, a stone that does not change in any way. This is why there is a common saying that states, “Old people use culture to torture even in the sepulture.”

Therefore, it is essential for teachers, who are in charge of molding the personality of their students, to study the mind in depth so that they can be capable of intelligently guiding the new generations.

It is painful to comprehend how the mind becomes fixed little by little as time goes by. The mind is the executioner of reality, the slayer of the true; the mind is the destroyer of love.

Whosoever arrives at old age is incapable of loving because his mind is filled with painful experiences, prejudices, fixed ideas like spikes made of steel.

Nevertheless, there are old lascivious men who believe that they are still capable of loving, but indeed what is actually happening is that they are filled with senile sexual passions, thus they mistake passion for love.

Every old lascivious man or woman passes through tremendous lustful, passionate states before dying; regrettably, they believe that this is love.

Thus, love between old people is impossible because their minds destroy it with “chattering,” “fixed ideas,” “prejudices,” “jealousy,” “experiences,” “memories,” “sexual passions,” etc. The mind is the worst enemy of love.

Love no longer exists in super-civilized countries, because the mind of their people only likes the scent of factories, bank accounts, gasoline, and celluloid products, etc. Yes, there exist many bottles for the mind, and the minds of people are very well bottled up.

Some of them have bottled up their minds within abominable communism, yet others have bottled up their minds within merciless capitalism.

There are some who have bottled up their minds within jealousy, hatred, desire of becoming rich, a good social rank, pessimism, attachments to certain people, or attachment to their own sufferings, or within their family problems, etc.

Regrettably, people delight in bottling up their mind. Those who truly decide to smash the bottle into pieces are an oddity.

We need to liberate the mind, however, people adore their slavery; therefore, to find someone in life who does not have their mind entirely bottled up is a great oddity.

Teachers must teach their students all these things. They must teach the new generations how to observe their own mind, and how to investigate and comprehend it. Thus, only in this way, by means of profound comprehension, can we prevent our mind from assuming a crystalline form, from becoming frozen, from becoming bottled up.

The only thing that can transform the world is love; however, the mind destroys love.

We need to study our own mind, to observe it, to profoundly investigate it, to truly comprehend it. Thus, only in this way, by becoming masters of ourselves, masters of our own mind, will we kill the killer of love; thus, we will become truly happy.

Those who live fantasizing a great deal about love, those who live making projections about love, those who want love to work in accordance to their likes and dislikes, projections and fantasies, norms and prejudices, memories and experiences, etc., will indeed never know what love is, since in fact, they have become enemies of love.

It is necessary to comprehend in an integral manner the processes of the mind when it is under the effect of a state of accumulated experiences.

Many times teachers reprimand students as is their right, yet they do it stupidly, without any serious motive; teachers do not comprehend that every unjust reprimand lingers resentfully within the mind of their students. Thus, usually, the outcome of such a mistaken procedure against the students is the loss of love towards their teachers.

The mind destroys love, and this is something that school, college, and university teachers must never forget.

It is necessary to comprehend in depth all of those mental processes that terminate the beauty of love!

It is not enough to be a parent; it is necessary to know how to love. Parents believe that they love their children because they begot them, because they relate to them, thus they keep hold of them such as when someone keeps hold of a bicycle, a car, or a house. So, such a sense of possession and dependency is usually mistaken for love, but it can never be love.

Teachers in the school, which is our second home, believe they love their students because they are responsible for them, but that is not love. The sense of possession or dependency is not love.

The mind destroys love; only by comprehending all of the mistaken functioning of our mind—namely our absurd way of thinking, our wrong habits, mechanical or involuntary behaviors, wrong way of looking at things, etc.—can we truly experience and live that which does not belong to time, and which is called love.

Those who want to transform love into a piece of their mechanical routine, those who want to compel love to walk upon the mistaken track of their own prejudices, cravings, fears, experiences of life, selfish ways of looking at things, mistaken ways of thinking, etc., do in fact terminate love, because love never allows itself to be subdued.

Those who want to compel love to work under their “I” namely, as “I like,” “I desire,” “I think,” will lose love, because Cupid, the God of Love, will never submit to being enslaved by the “I.”

We have to annihilate the “I,” the “myself,” the “self-willed,” so that we do not lose the child of love.

The “I” is a collection of memories, cravings, fears, hatreds, passions, experiences, selfishness, envies, ambitions, lusts, etc.; thus, only by separately comprehending each defect, by separately studying and directly observing it—not only in the intellectual level but also in all the subconscious levels of the mind—will each defect disappear; this is how we die from moment to moment. Thus, in this manner and only in this manner, can we achieve the disintegration of the “I.”

Those who want to bottle up love within the horrible bottle of the “I” lose love and remain without it, because love can never be bottled up.  Regrettably, people want to bottle up love, they want to compel it to behave in accordance to their habits, desires, customs, etc. Yes, people want love to submit to their “I,” and this is completely impossible, because love does not comply with the “I.”

Enamored couples, or better said, impassioned couples, assume that they can compel love to faithfully march on the track of their own desires, concupiscence, errors, etc., yet this manner of proceeding is totally mistaken.

So, enamored or sexually impassioned couples (which is what is more abundant in this world) often say “Let’s talk about us!” then, afterwards come conversations, projections, longings, and sighs between them. Each of them has something to say, thus they express their projections, desires, how they look at things of life, thus, each wants to compel love like the engine of a train, and to slide it along the projected rigid steel tracks of their mind.

How wrong, how lost are these enamored or impassioned couples! How far away from reality they are!

Love does not comply with the “I,” thus, when soul-mates want to chain it down by the neck and subdue it, it escapes, leaving the couple in disgrace.

The mind has the bad habit of comparing. A man compares one girlfriend with another; a woman compares one man with another. A teacher compares one student with another student, as if all of his students do not deserve unique appreciation. Indeed, all types of comparisons are abominable.

The one who gazes at a beautiful sunset and compares it with another does not really know how to comprehend the beauty that he has before his eyes.

The one who gazes at a beautiful mountain and compares it with another that he saw yesterday is not really comprehending the beauty of the mountain that he has before his eyes.

True love does not exist where there is comparison. A father and a mother who really love their children will never compare them with anyone; they will simply love them, and that is all.

A husband who loves his wife never makes the mistake of comparing her with anyone else; he loves her, and that is all.

The teachers who really love their students never discriminate among them, they never compare them amongst each other; they truly love them, and that is all.

A mind divided by comparisons and enslaved by dualism destroys love.

A mind divided by the struggle of the opposites is not capable of comprehending the new; it becomes petrified, it becomes frozen.

The mind has many depths, regions, subconscious areas, nooks; nevertheless, something valuable is in its center: this is the Essence, the consciousness.

When the dualism of the mind is terminated, when the mind becomes integrated, serene, quiet, profound, when it no longer compares, then the Essence, the consciousness, awakens; this awakening must be the true objective of fundamental education.

Let us distinguish between objectivity and subjectivity. Awakened consciousness exists within objectivity, whereas subconsciousness, that is, sleeping consciousness, exists within subjectivity.

Only objective consciousness can enjoy objective knowledge.

The intellectual information that is presently collected by the students from all of the schools, colleges, and universities is one hundred percent subjective.

Understand this: objective knowledge will never be acquired without objective consciousness.

Students must first achieve Self-cognizance, and thereafter objective consciousness.

Objective consciousness and objective knowledge are achievable only when we tread upon the path of love.

It is necessary to comprehend the complex problem of the mind if we truly want to tread upon the path of love.

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