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How aadhaar card help fight against black money and corruption

aadharblogMar 17, 2018, 4:46:42 AM

Aadhaar is a personal identification number that is often considered as a must for each and every Indian citizen. Aadahaar is said to be the world’s largest biometric ID system that can be used as an identity proof in various fields. Whether you want to get your passport within 10 days or wish to experience the benefits of LPG subsidy, Aadhaar card is an essentiality. It was one of the measures implemented to tackle black money along with demonetization. Here are a few points how Aadhaar will help to put an end to the menace of black money and corruption-

1. Money trailing made easier- Since it has been mandatory to link aadhaar with bank accounts if there are any transactions made by banks it can be very easy to track the money. It will also help in identifying and tracing the flow of any irregular or illicit funds.

2. Income tax evasion made difficult- Due to the multiple methods that are used to give proofs of identity, many companies and persons holding fake PAN numbers under different names can be curbed with the help of aadhaar. Many individuals were found with more than one card in an attempt to evade taxes. In such cases, Aadhaar will help to track down any fraudster as it is not possible to duplicate biometrics. It will help in identification of disparities between income earned and the money spent by the individual. It will make tax evasion almost impossible.

3. Cracking down illegal properties- Many black money hoarders used to register their properties in others name for e.g. other family members or servants. Linking aadhaar to property documents if made mandatory will help to track their original owners. In this way, tax authorities can approach the legal owners and if the legal owners deny or are unaware of their ownership the property can be treated as ‘benami property’. If he lays a claim to the property, in that case, the owner will have to show his source of income for buying that property. This measure will help in unearthing many illegal properties.

4. Reduce corruption in public distribution system- The Union government has launched a new scheme called the Direct Benefit transfer scheme. This is a major step in curbing corruption. One of the major sources of black money is distribution of kerosene which is done under this scheme. Aadhaar will help to deal with problems in securing goods under PDS and therefore reduce misuse of funds which are sanctioned for the benefits of poor.

5. Curbing fake and duplicate welfare accounts- Aadhar has solved the problem of fake and duplicate welfare accounts to a large extent. Be it MGNREGS job cards or benami bank accounts or Shell Company dealings, most of the problems will be solved by aadhaar card linking. There were many instances where a person was no more but still his pension was being claimed by family members.

Though corruption cannot be altogether eliminated aadhaar will definitely reduce the incidence of corruption and black money to a very large extent.