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Opportunity for Golf Courses

adsintheholeMar 15, 2018, 5:59:16 PM

Increase sponsorship revenues with Adsinthehole “Corporate Golfing Days”

A club can energize its outings and tournaments by offering to sponsors distinctive Ads In The Hole custom advertising. The days of each month beyond the contracted 25 guaranteed exposure days represent an additional revenue opportunity.

These additional “Corporate Golfing Days” can generate substantial extra revenue - whether from outing or tournament sponsors referred to Adsinthehole by the club… or from Adsinthehole-generated sponsors or Advertisers.

A golf club or resort may also choose to advertise on its own course(s) for F&B, resort amenities or real estate opportunities. In that case, instead of paying the full Rate Card fee, their actual advertising cost will be reduced by the % revenue share they earn.

In summary:

Ads In The Hole provides a unique opportunity for:

A substantial and consistent extra revenue stream (with virtually no extra effort) straight to the bottom line…

Adding even more bottom-line revenue with “Corporate Golfing Days” sponsorship packages…

…and with absolutely NO COST TO YOU.

With Ads In The Hole, you can generate substantial advertising revenue without unsightly signage around your course. Advertising placed in the holes of golf courses does not detract from the beauty and ambiance of the course - and 94% of golfers surveyed are not bothered by the advertising.

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