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Get These Basic Information about Whizzinator.

syntheticurineguide24579Jun 21, 2018, 5:53:13 PM

There is a product with a commercial name called whizzinator that looks like and functions like the male urinary organ. Some people would use it for several uses because the appearance, its feel and purpose are similar to that of a male's manhood. When you buy it, it comes along with a kit complete with a synthetic urine, syringe and heater packs so that the temperature of the fake pee is maintained at body level.

Note that the market also sells products that are the same to this whizzinator but not as popular because the quality and design are of lower level. Aside from a very realistic strap on device for urination, this tool has different colors.

There is a newer model of this brand which unlike the original one where you have to squeeze the thing in order to release the urine flow and thus is not so natural looking. To read more about Whizzinator, click here.This newer model has the design and function which is very similar to the manner and imitation of how a person urinates. This can be done with just a mere squeezing of the prosthetic device top most thus there is a natural flow of the synthetic urine to the pouch. This particular model has five various colors that you can choose from and these are similar to the different tone colors of a manhood. Choices would range from black, brown, latino, tan and white colors.

The kit of this model contains all that you need to imitate the process of urination as natural as possible. The kit is composed of:

a) The device itself that is composed of a prosthetic manhood, and with a vinyl pouch attached to it along with the temperature strip.

b) The container of the synthetic urine that is dehydrated.

c) The syringe that you can use in filling up the vinyl pouch with the synthetic urine.

d) Four pads for heating the liquid to the human body temperature and will keep the temperature for some hours. For more info on Whizzinator, click here to read more. This is attached to the pouch.

e) A manual for you to follow the instruction.

It is claimed that this instrument works perfectly and is considered a reliable tool that you can use in situations. Note that it is made clear that the equipment is not for illegal purpose. This is considered as a novelty product for adults and thus the activities that it will be used should not be against the law. This item is so natural looking and it is advised that you use the best synthetic urine as similar to the natural one. Learn more from https://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Urine+drug+test.