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How much does Vaser Liposuction Costs in India for Patients?

CosmeticobesityMar 10, 2018, 6:43:32 AM

Vaser Liposuction


If you have fought a lot to get rid of the excess fat for a long time, and exercise and diet have proven futile for you, then it is high time that you go for a Vaser Liposuction procedure. It is one of the most advanced and highly specialized procedures, which can help you in obtaining a dramatic transformation that you are looking for. This procedure turns back the clock and gives you the back the old self. It is a very powerful procedure that can remove considerable amount of fat but at the same time it treats very gently leaving your skin feel extremely smooth and a beautiful body.

Procedure of Vaser Liposuction in India

Vaser Liposuction is a minimally invasive technique for fat removal and body contouring that is performed by using ultrasound technology to break the fat cells by causing minimum damage to the surrounding tissue, which is more in the conventional Liposuction techniques. In Vaser Liposuction, a tumescent liquid, or a saline solution mixed with anaesthetic agent is administered into the area that requires the procedure. Unlike traditional approaches, this procedure uses ultrasound high frequency vibration to destroy the fat cells.

The cosmetic surgeon uses Vaser ultrasonic probes, which are inserted into the fat tissue for breaking them. The vibration disengages and loosens the fat cells and finally emulsifies the tumescent fluid infused into the surgery site. Once the emulsification starts, a small cannula is used to eliminate the liquid and the fat cells. Part of the anaesthetic agent remains in the tissue, which helps in lowering the postsurgical pain.

Some of the benefits that this procedure offers are:

1. Minimally invasive so less scarring and speedy recovery

2. Eye catching results

3. Easy removal of fats

4. Skin becomes very smooth

5. Tissue selective procedure so less damage to the surrounding tissues

How much does a Vaser Liposuction Cost in India?

With the rapidly rising healthcare expenditure, it is very difficult to find the right cure at the right price. But quite opposite to this notion, India offers very pocket friendly treatment packages to patients across the world. Thus, even though Cosmetic procedures are very heftily priced in other leading countries, in India these procedures are available at very reasonable costs. So, the medical tourists can avail Vaser Liposuction in India by shelling out much lesser amount of money as compared to other countries.

Best doctors for Vaser Liposuction in India

The main expectation from any cosmetic procedure is the get the desired outcome. This can be achieved only if the surgical hands doing the procedure are the best. In this matter, Indian hospitals are highly blessed because the cosmetic surgeons in India keep themselves totally updated about the latest developments happening in this field. They are highly experienced and have many years of training with them, which makes them very capable of choosing the perfect procedure for the patients. Thus, the surgeons performing Vaser Liposuction in India handle this procedure very commendably ensuring that the patients’ expectations are met.

Best Vaser Liposuction Hospital in India

The Cosmetic hospitals and clinics of India are some of the best in the world, highly recognized for the finest level of healthcare services that they provide. These hospitals are completely geared with the best and most modern infrastructure needed for cosmetic procedures. These hospitals invest quite a lot to keep themselves at par with the global benchmarks. Thus, the more sophisticated the treatment techniques and infrastructure is, the more assurance to the patients of getting the best results.

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In India, Cosmetic and Obesity surgery Hospital has been catering to innumerable patients for a long time now. We facilitate your access to the best Cosmetic hospitals and surgeons that are part of our network. The surgeons are highly proficient in Vaser Liposuction in India and have gained extensive amount of knowledge to suggest the best so that the patients can gain maximum benefits. Also, these hospitals have brought Liposuction cost in India very much within the budget of the numerous patients wanting to avail this procedure. Thus, we can arrange your consultation with these experts so that you choose the best.

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