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Tips for Estimating Construction Bids

publicprocurementzineMar 7, 2018, 4:20:38 PM

When estimating a construction bid, miscalculating even one component of the bid can make you lose it. If you are a contractor, you know how expensive this mistake is. It could very well mean a lack of a livelihood in the long run. It is then very important to keep in mind a few things when estimating construction jobs. Here are some tips of estimating construction bids with the help of BidsConstruction.

Research is vital and very necessary. Get some professionals to get the estimated list of materials. Note down the requirements and then hunt down the best prices there is. Check what the internet has on this and learn as much as you can. It is also wise to check what other contractors are saying about this by looking through the social media pages, online forums and blogs. So as to make a great estimated construction bid, it is best to have enough information first.

Chances are, you have seen the project plan and have seen the scope of work. This is not enough for you to make the best estimate, go through the plan and the specifications in detail so that you know the project in and out. It will be of benefit to you if you go through the plan and compare it to the specifications so as to know if they agree. You can visit the site and have a tour as you examine all the plans of the project.

It is never stupid to ask a question so if you have one, make sure to ask. If there is something you don't understand, you better ask instead of making a mistake and losing the bid. It is easier to make an estimation of a smaller portion of the project because you don't have so much to consider. Estimating the whole project will be difficult because of everything you have to take into account. Smaller divisions are easier to estimate.

You should at all times when estimating bids consider the duration that the entire project shall take until completion. Do you have a correct measure of time that the construction shall take. There is need to have an honest time measure so as to avoid unforeseen occurrences. Time is a factor that cannot be ignored at any point in time as it can cause negative effects if it is underestimated or ignored. Estimating construction bids requires an accurate measure of time so as to avoid having financial hitches and underestimating the time required. Underestimating would mean that you should have to go back to the drawing board to increase your finances to fund the project.

Another key element to keep in mind is the total cost of the project. You should know the amount of money you shall incur for the project. The small bills are crucial to include. This shall help you have clean and smooth bidding process.

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