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Controlling Fleas and Ticks in Pets

fleamedicinesforpetsblogFeb 27, 2018, 8:51:25 PM

Your pets, for example a dog, has been very jovial, it has been very playful, often joking with your kids. You have taught it all the tricks and it does them very well. You have taken it for pet completion and won you an award for the trick category. Currently, you have noticed some change of its characters, you have noticed that your pet doesn't play anymore, it cannot even do the same old tricks that you have taught it for long, the tricks that it used to be a master in. then your dog is suffering from one thing, it is either has been attacked by ticks or fleas or both of them. These pest can be very destroying. They can make your pets loose its original shape, they can make it stop joking and even make it look lazy such that it cannot go for the same walks. 

Once you suspects that your pets have been attacked by fleas and ticks, find the right medicines to control them. There are various medicines that control ticks and fleas in dogs. You should however find the most effective medicines. Some medicines can control the pets within three hours after its application while others would even take weeks to do so. For the sake of the love of your pet, you should find a medicine that will effectively control all the ticks. It's important to note that, when fleas and ticks are not controlled, they can spread to other domestic animals such as goats, cows, ships if you have them on the same compound. The control of ticks and fleas is very crucial. To avoid the spread, make sure that the ticks and fleas don't spread to other animals. See more here Pet-Lock for more.

The form of administering the medicine may also differ. Some medicines are applied while others may be sprayed. Applied medicines mostly come in form of cream. Spray medicine will come in form of powder or such powder mixed with clean water and sprayed using a gun. Therefore, it's important to research for the most effective method of application. You should also find a medicine that has no any side effects. Some medicine can result to the hair falling off from the pet. Others will make them look dull and go inactive for some hours, days or weeks. You should therefore find a medicine that doesn't affect the performance of the dog and that will restore its confidence quickly.

Know more about flea and tick treatment here; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flea_treatments.