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Here Are Some Hacks to Help You Reduce Your Fashion Footprint

PackagingDesignSolutionFeb 27, 2018, 4:01:24 AM

What is a footprint? A footprint is what you leave on soft soil when you walk over it. A piece of wear and tear proof piece of cloth that protects the floor of a tent from wear and tear is also called a footprint.

Being a hiker trash I know that one good old principle that is told to the people when they go on a hike, “Take only memories, leave only footprints”, which means to keep the trail clean and whenever you want to go to the loo, take the trowel with you, dig more or less 6 inches and bury your feces in the ground.

And yes, take only memories part means to take nothing from the trail. Sometimes I wonder what makes us human beings decide that a walk up the hill on the Mother Earth is a trail but a plain plateau is a city, and thus while we have to keep the trail clean, we have every right to pollute the cities and smother them with tons of plastic, clothing and junk footprint.

Why can’t we apply the “leave no trace” principle to the cities as well? Yes, I admit, that it is not even closely as possible as in case of a trail, but at least we can try and save the cities, rivers, oceans, and canals from unnecessary harm.

So, whether you have makeup boxes to get rid of or you have some clothes that you want to throw away, you can always apply the “leave no trace” principle and see that while you’re still using makeup and trendy garb, you are saving the earth from the unnecessary footprints.

Here are some hacks to help you reduce your fashion footprint:

1. Be the Minimalist

There was a time when hippy movement engulfed the earth and then was saw the rise of the environmental movement and now we see another movement which has so far impacted only a few aspects of the global life, but considering its wide range of applicability, it can be said that it will soon cover a lot. So, be a minimalist and do not buy what you do not need. Just essentials: because you should only carry what you need.

2. Love What You Have

This makeup subscription boxes epidemic has to stop. All you are doing is gathering boxes from this brand or that brand with the wide number of items, many of which you will use only once or twice and you are leaving the massive footprint. The cardboard boxes and never to be used makeup items! Just love what essential makeup items you have e.g. one or two lipsticks instead of the whole lot of them, and use them.

3. Prefer Quality over Quantity

“Just the essentials” does not mean you cannot have quality items. It is only against the quantity. You can still get one of the makeup boxes with lights and choose to live with it and use it, instead of having two or three or four or more pink makeup boxes from subscription companies.

4. Swap/Bargain/Giveaway

Swap your old fashion items with someone else’s items at a swap shop or why not try bargaining at a vintage clothing shop. You may get some very expensive but second-hand clothing item from a bargain shop at a fraction of its actual price. Yet, the best way to getting rid of the excessive footprint is giveaway your excessive items to those who do not have them. This act of charity will reward you with inner peace and happiness as well.

So, try any or all of these hacks and do Mother Earth a favor that she deserves.