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No Troubles when Bubbles

RushofwavesApr 26, 2018, 6:48:00 PM

a short video by Kaydee Black @fishefry

poem by Ric Fish @Rushofwaves

This project was a collaborated effort in 2017 


I'm in my seat to put my feet where they will go

It's statements like these that help get you up _ show

alive revive strive to one more flow

reep what you sow

Voices are as good as ears

skin as good as eyes

space as good as years

dumb as good as wise

an echo of time

not controlled by mine

suited to one

it's a read sign

contribute is't the only way

come to terms growth and play

strength in self

the only wealth

an invitation today

want more what's the floor

stand on it

when you wake up then

realize and spin

like eddies to bubbles flowing gone

energies brought back in the dawn

mow and water your own lawn

and keep singing your own song

@rushofwaves '18