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How to track a person with spy phone app

frankhunt333Feb 23, 2018, 11:32:27 AM

This may be necessary for parents who want to be aware of where their child spends time, or a jealous spouse who suspects his counterpart of treason. People are wondering whether it is possible to determine by telephone the location of a person in such a way that he does not learn about distrust? For this purpose, a special spy phone app was created. How to know the location of a person with her help? Quite simply. It will be necessary to enter from the monitored device to the site, launch the program and after the message with the link comes, enter it into a special line on the site. Then the program will always start when the device is turned on. How to determine the location of a person by phone? The user will need to send the request, and he will receive a response with coordinates. The server will indicate the location from which the gps signal or coordinates of the nearest tower comes.

The program has some advantages:

- remains anonymous. The person being tracked does not even suspect that he is under surveillance;

- the use of the program is not reflected at all on the subscriber's account;

- The application has a lot of other functions and allows you to get full access to a person's phone. And the server becomes available all information about the actions taken from the device: conversations, sms, downloads, messaging and others;

- The application does not take up much space on the device and does not affect the functionality and system capabilities.