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xerosupportauFeb 20, 2018, 5:25:37 AM

Xero Accounting software is one the best software for recording and processing accounting transactions within functional modules like accounts receivable, general ledger, accounting payable, payroll, trial balance etc. for small and medium-sized businesses. It can be online based (Internet-enabled) or desktop based. XERO Support Team would like to inform you that overpayments can be recorded in two ways either in the same currency as the invoice or in a different currency from the invoice.

Use these steps to record in same currency:

1. Select Sales in the Accounts menu.

2. Give a click on Awaiting Payment.

3. Choose the overpaid invoice by the customer.

4. Type the amount paid by the customer to you under Receive a payment.

5. Now hit the Add Payment button.

6. Provide the description of the overpayment.

7. If you wish to apply tracking for your organization then choose the category other leave the field blank.

8. Attempt the last step by clicking the OK button.

Perform these steps to record from a different currency:

1. Go to sales, in the Accounts menu.

2. Select Awaiting Payment and choose the overpaid invoice by your customer.

3. Convert the received payment into the currency of the invoice, then in the section of Receive a Payment type the converted payment in Amount Paid field.

4. In the Date Paid field provide the date.

5. Choose the bank account for which you received payment in the Paid To field.

6. In the Exchange Rate field, provide the rate which you use to calculate Amount Paid.

7. Hit the button of Add Payment.

8. The trackings for the organization has been set up, then choose the category for overpayment or leave the field blank if you don’t wish to apply tracking.

9. Finally, click OK.

We hope you are satisfied with above process & got enough information which you required for the invoice if still, you are not satisfied then you can Contact Xero Technical Support and discuss your issue with our technicians. Our team will provide the all the necessary info regarding your problem and will tackle every minute issue with ease and comfort. You are provided one of the best solutions by our highly experienced engineers, so don’t sit idle, make a call and talk to our experts to fix your problems instantly.


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