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Steps to Take When Looking for a Catering Service for Your Social Event

thecateringguideFeb 19, 2018, 1:31:53 PM

Note that, an event is incomplete without food and drinks, and this is one area where people will use to judge your event. Thus, you ought to take extra care about what you will serve and how it will be served. You will require consulting catering services to take the burden off your shoulders, but you must partner with the right team. Below are the steps to take when choosing the catering service to choose.

Before anything else, you need to have a clear plan for your event. As you approach catering services, they will need to know the date, time, and location of your event, the number of people you will host, the menu you will be serving, the catering equipment and decorations you require. This information is helpful in making evaluations to determine whether a catering service can handle your catering needs.

Next, you will require searching for the catering service which can help you. To guide you, look for catering services which have experience serving your kind of event and find out the highest number of guests they have ever served. If you will have a thousand guests, you will require going to a caterer who has catered to a thousand or more people before because it means they have the equipment and resources necessary to manage your event comfortably. The more experience a catering service has and the bigger the numbers of people they have served, the higher their chances of reliability. For a smaller event, private chef experiences Washington may be a better fit. 

When you pinpoint the catering services which you feel can be an ideal match for your event, arrange a meeting with them to request for their services and discuss some details in depth. For instance, you will require knowing the source of their ingredients for cooking, if they can provide a sample taste test and if it will be free or not, if they can provide buffets and sit down dinners, if they handle leftovers, what is included in their cost and what's not, their catering staff's attire for theme purposes, etc. You can go to http://maisonculinaire.com/wedding-catering-washington/ for detailed info.

Based on the information you get from each catering service you evaluate, you should now be in a position to pick the one you feel will be best for your event. Ensure that you do not choose a catering service which proposed to squeeze your event in between an extremely busy schedule because it could affect the quality of their service. For instance, if they don't have enough staff to cater to all their events and some of their staff will have to serve multiple functions, they could do their work in a rushed manner to meet their targets or show up exhausted at your event, all of which will not work in your favor.