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Dropil - Autonomous Investing in the Cryptocurrency World

mirofameFeb 18, 2018, 7:53:41 PM

▶️2-Minute ICO Summaries - Dropil:🎬

☑️What is Dropil and What Does it do❓

The easiest way to describe it is like they do it in the site- an Automated Cryptocurrency Investment Platform. Meaning that they use a system called Dex to utilize machine learning and market analysis so it can make profitable investments. Don`t worry, It`s not the start of a new “Terminator” movie, humans still have to oversee what the machine is doing and what it is doing is helping you invest without having to stress about the market.

Without the interference of emotions and without the risk of human error, Dropil can make safe and strategic decisions. Even if the market changes, one can be sure that the system is smart enough to adapt and correct its logic to pursue the best strategy for a higher profit.

✅How Does it Work❓

The whole thing doesn’t use dollars or euro, instead Dropil introduces their own token called Drop to power their machine. Be it a long term or short term investing, Dex allows you to choose how aggressive you want it to be with your Drops. The choice is between three options: safe, moderate and aggressive, of course the returns are base on what option you chose. Trading and monitoring all trades in many places is a task that nobody likes to do, thankfully Dex has it easy and is designed to do just that, It can be in many places at once to make profit on a number of exchanges at the same time. Thankfully Dex has a number of safety protocols to secure your investments, even in the most volatile markets.

☑️Who Made it❓

The founders of Dropil are based out of California and have gathered a global team of incredibly experienced people to work for the same goal. They strive to push themselves in a creative work environment so that they can come up with new innovations for their company and this way they can use their experience much easier to push the company further.

All of them can be reached using Telegram or LinkedIn and their accounts are easily accessable from their site.


➡️ All 30 Billion Drop tokens that will ever exist were created in the Token Event on 10th January 2018.

➡️ No more tokens will ever be created.

➡️ 50% of all Drops will be available to purchase during the ICO.

➡️ Coins that are not sold during the ICO will be destroyed or distributed.

➡️ A matching amount destroyed from the non ICO 50%.

➡️ Smart lock on 50% of founder token supply.

✔️1 year 40%

✔️2 years 40%

✔️ 3 years 10%

✔️ 4 years 10%


☑️Is the Website Good❓

The site is not very detailed but it does look nice. Having the navigation bar on the top of the page helps but there is a slight problem with it when you make the window too small. When the window becomes too small there is an icon that replaces the bar with a drop menu and that menu tends to break on some devices and it doesn`t show the links to the other sections of the site but as I said it is just on some devices and can be overlooked. Overall the site is well made, not too bright nor too dark, the color choice suits the company name and so does the logo.

✅How well is the Whitepaper Made❓

The answer is: Not very well. Navigating it is annoying as they have no “Table of Contents” section. There is a lot of information cramped in those pages and the way they present the information is not on the same level as their idea, it`s even lower than their site. Many sections are poorly written, meaning that the information that they give could have been presented in a much better fashion. But that is my only problem with it, the design however is really well done, kind of bright but still not too bright as to bother people who read it at night when our worst enemy is the screen brightness. The blue`s and the white`s merge very well and are pleasant to look at. Good job with choosing a nice theme!

⚠️My Thoughts❗️

Just like everything out there Dropil has its pros and cons. It`s cons are simply embedded in the fact that it would not be easy for people to trust something so automated with managing their funds. The fact that it is created over the span on a year and all its knowledge of the market comes off of just a single year in the field doesn`t really help with trusting it. Many people would be hesitant to give control over their funds to a machine, that is correct but its pros could overcome the trust problem.

What I am talking about is that Dex is constantly evolving and learning to manage the trading data. It is automatically updating itself to be able to swap strategies according to the trading market so that the amount of funds we get back is at its optimum. Another thing that can tip the scales is all the safety nets placed to ensure that the risk is minimized and the optimum profit is reached.

So in short: the more experience this system gains the more people are going to trust it and use it but for now people are going to take big leaps in their choice of letting their funds be controlled by a machine.

⚠️More Information❓:

The site can be found here: https://dropil.com/

❗️And the whitepaper here: https://dropil.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Dropil_White_Paper.pdf


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