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Developing an App without Writing Any Line of Code

topapptestingtips793Feb 12, 2018, 3:55:37 PM

We are living in a world where technology has become part of it. Almost everybody has a mobile phone, a smart phone that they keep on fidgeting. Many people never understands what happens when you press an app and it behave the way it was supposed to behave. Apps like games makes life more better by providing us with fun. Thus, with the increased use of phones, everybody wants to make their mobile apps. Technology has made everything more better with frameworks coded to make app development easier. To get more details about App code, visit dating app clone. And now, you need to go to class to study all that computing knowledge so to know how to make an app. You can use the various platforms that have been made to make app development easier. The developer of the various frameworks like tinder clone that you can use to make apps was never jealous. They made a framework that could enable anyone to make an app without writing any line of code.

The frameworks available have all codes of code already written for you. Thus, all you need is to drag and drop, edit things like color or the interface to customize it to look exactly how you want. Thus, app development has become an easier job. The above framework is just a platform that you will use to make a game or an app. You can thus download them from the various stores we have and install it on your personal computer. The developer of such frameworks like appOrchestra was sincere enough to let every phone user make their own app. They developed a framework that can be used to develop both android and iOs operating systems for phones. To get more details about App code, visit here. Thus, those who love iPhone products can create these apps. Those who enjoy android on their phones can also develop apps that can be used by android operating users.

Thus, you can make an app from scratch without coding anything, without even knowing the number of source code lines you have used. The app will run normally on the target operating system. You can even upload out to the different stores and have other people download it. Thus, you may find yourself earning money from an app that you never knew how it came to be. The whole process of developing apps I total fun, and those who have not majored in app development can make apps that are professional and have everything. Read more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AppCode.