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What Will Be in the Designer Menswear Stores for the 2018 Spring / Summer Season?

Artois52Feb 7, 2018, 12:04:15 PM

All around the world, online menswear stores are stocking up with the latest creations from designers like Michael Kors, Kenzo, Polo Ralph Lauren, Off-White, Stone Island and Versus Versace, but what will really be the men’s fashion look of 2018? The best way to find out what the best dressed men will be wearing in the spring and summer of 2018 is to look at what the top designers were showing at the recent European fashion shows. So, here’s what the top designer brands in the world where focussing on at the recent Paris, London and Milan fashion shows.

Tunics and Skirts

It looks like the current shift toward genderless style is going to continue in 2018. Several the collections shown at the recent fashion shows seemed to be following this trend. Not only have there been lots of what could be called gender-neutral styles on display, but there were also tunics for men and skirts for men being worn on the fashion runways of Europe too. Exciting times are coming, if you are bold enough to try it.

Pink Is Coming of Age

That subtle pink colouring is about to grow in next summer season and it is expanding into other, bolder shades of pink. However, although there were certainly some outbreaks of hot-pinks in evidence at several the top designer shows, the favourite hues are still those in the mid-pink to light-pink range.

Trouser Hems are Coming Down

The spring of 2018 will see the hems on trousers coming down. In fact, men’s trousers are getting both looser and a bit longer. From dress trousers to track suit bottoms and denims, the hems at the recent fashion shows were distinctly longer than in prior years and they were piling up at the bottoms, over the tops of the shoes. This look can work particularly well with jogging pants, like those that you will find at Stone Island.

Your next Suit Will Have Vertical Stripes

Many of the top designers used solid blocks of bold colour to great effect in the shows this year. So much so that patterns and prints were not so much in evidence, apart from, that is, the straight, vertical stripes. Lots of different widths of stripes were on offer, but your next suit will likely will have stripes, and most probably, it will be a pinstripe suit.

1980’s Style Is, Once Again, Acceptable

From light pastel shades to big tailor-made jackets and washed-out pale blue denim with fraying hems, the 80s look that your dad wore will be back in the spring and summer of 2018. You might even be tempted to put a crease in your jeans too! The 80s was also famous for the emergence of logos and graphics on clothes, which was another feature of the recent fashion shows. For the up to date use of graphics, the best place to look is Kenzo.

White All Over

In keeping with the eighties feel, one of the most popular styles we had on the runways of the fashion shows this year was to use white, from top to bottom. This is one of the easiest ways to get the 80's look, but if you feel that may be too over-the-top, try adding a blue jacket to the ensemble to break up the white.