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Valev Laube - Designer and Entrepreneur with an International Experience

Katherine03Feb 6, 2018, 10:39:09 AM

Looking to improve your personal or company brand design and online presence? Valev Laube is a talented New York-based creative mind whose digital designs and social media strategies have been the cornerstone of many New York-based festivals, events, personal and company brands. His impressive list of clients include Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden, Marquee Brand Builders, Kalevala the Musical, Tian Jiang, and Esto-Atlantis at the Lincoln Center.

In his recent interview to Crystal Ra Laksmi he commented his work process as working towards finding a way to the heart of a particular target community, "[Approaching promotion as purely business] is not what builds relationships or facilitates good ideas. To me, idea is not worth a million dollars, it’s worth the heart of a million people." His design and online promotional tactics use holistic design and idea generation to engage with various audiences in their most familiar form. “Building empathy and connectivity in visual communication is all about finding compromises between what people know and can relate to, and the story I’m trying to tell. One doesn’t exist in a vacuum from the other, they overlap and resonate.” - Explained Laube his philosophy of design to Metanoia magazine in December 2017.

Laube is currently in the final phase of finishing up some masterful projects such as a branding and web design project for an internationally renowned pianist Tian Jiang, branding and marketing for a New York-based musical production Kalevala the Musical, brand management and design for a short film “Wildflower”, and marketing and consultation for an Augmented Reality art exhibition “Rochester Subway”.

To find more information about this incredibly creative artist, designer, marketing and digital media expert, check out his social media accounts or visit www.valevlaube.com