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CAVIAR – The New Crypto Opportunity

mirofameJan 28, 2018, 4:43:07 PM

➡️ What is CAVIAR ?

Caviar is first platform that’s offering investing in real estate projects. Here the token holders are secured and without any risk issues are more likely to get both stable success in the real estate and the selected crypto-currencies and crypto-assets. On this platform the token holders are sure in the maximized return on their investment while others are having downturns.

Platform like Caviar is developed an intelligent model for crypto-assets and crypto-currency forecasting in both ways – short and long term period, which allows to have more effective and profitable allocation.

CAView is the tool that separates Caviar from the other platforms. This tool opens a set of monitoring tools for auditing and transparency in distribution of profits.

The team of Caviar is up to get the higher benefits from every opportunity for the token holders. The investors here have shelter from every possible instability in investing in the assets of projects like Tether, Digix, DigiDao and others.

Caviar have secured way of providing guarantee from the borrowers. In case of any unexpected events like foreclosure, the team will repossess the property, is going to bring the needs to end up the project and put it on the market, and of course list and sell the property. Unlikely other lenders have the focus only on the lending side of the deal. The team have the position of helping the both sides to get the best likely profit of every deal.

➡️ Team

The team of Caviar is fully operating and with the experts that are involved in creating this real estate platform, the investors and token holders are in good hands. One of the partners if Kirill Bensonoff who have big past in token events and advising more than 20 companies as an active investor. Others like Guy Neumann, Alex Shvayetsky and more, had participated in inventing this new kind of investing opportunity and been already successful in holding this platform to its fully potential.

➡️ Community

The team of Caviar are trying to build a community of real estate investors, developers and token holders that can provide for all sides the maximized profits of every event and project that’s up to come.

➡️ Roadmap

Caviar is heritor to Caviar Capital LP, which is successful for the past 5 years in providing profits to real estate developers and investors. The team of Caviar is guaranteed in giving the higher possible assets and limitless personal profits.

The following year is expected to be important for the team of Caviar - 2018. The first token sale is going to be finished in the end of January 2018 and after that as expected is going to be an audit which is going to be finished in February 2018.

Releasing the CAView in March 2018 is important event for the investors and developers who can monitor every possible risk for their investments and the rising profits until April 2018 when the first quarter is going to be over and distribution of profits to token holders will be possible.

After that the following events depends on the market and the movements of investments and decisions of token holders and developers, and of course – the future ones.


➡️ ICO

Using tool like smart contacts is secure way to define the profit of every event and project. The distribution of every quarter will be made through a smart contact to every involved holder and representing 75 percent of profits after managing all expenses and fees of the proceeded event.

There`s even a detached part of net quarterly profits for reinvesting in token value growth – 20 %. For buying back and burning Caviar tokens are provided 5 percent of net quarterly profits.

➡️ Whitepaper review

The team of Caviar have provided a detailed information of the platform and given answer to every possible question that any holder, developer or investor can decide to ask as possible risk to their investment.

➡️ And for finish…

Caviar is unique opportunity for token holders to invest in real estate and maximize profits and minimize future risks. Caviar`s model ( Intelligent Predictive Model ) makes a more secure way to monitor every movement of investments and to be precise in predicting every possible risk that is up to come.

The opportunity to shift funds from crypto-markets to real estate is the thing that makes Caviar so special and separates from other platforms.

➡️ Media: ❗️

⚠️Caviar’s website: https://caviar.io/

⚠️Caviar’s Whitepaper: https://s3.amazonaws.com/caviar-presentations/CaviarWhitepaper.pdf

⚠️My Bitcointalk.org profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1653137

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