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How to Beat Erectile Dysfunction Without Medication

thispenispumpblogJan 23, 2018, 10:57:34 PM

A male reproductive organ pump is used to give a man who is not able to have an erection naturally, the chance to do so. The pump has more benefits than simply enabling an erection. They are said to also aid in increasing the size of the male organs over time.

The pumping action relies on its two parts, the pump, and a cylinder. There is also the need for a constriction band and some lubricant. They are usually supplied with the pump. You will find a manual or an electric pump. The pumping action is applied to the male organ's shaft.

The cylinder bits of these devices can vary, depending on the manufacturer. The base, wall, top, and diameter are the varying areas. The lubricant supplied is applied on the organ, as well as the base of the cylinder. It shall thus be easy to insert it, to stretch it out, and to enable a tight seal at the base.

The cylinder has to be of adequate size if you are to get the organ enlarged. A smaller one would be useless for you in that area. Be careful so that you also do not select one with an overly large size. Those have been known not to be as satisfying.

The pump works when it leads to increased blood flow to the male organ. Erectile dysfunction simply means that not enough blood gets to the male organ when an erection is needed. The bathmatedirect.com pump thus creates a vacuum around the male organ, which causes blood to flow into its cavities, thereby leading to an erection.

The immediate result of such pumping is the temporary erection that can be used for sexual intercourse. Over time, continued use of this pump will lead to a bigger male organ size, a change that shall be more permanent.

You need to use this pump correctly. There are instructions supplied that you need to follow. You need, as a precaution, ensure you have some lubricant for applying on the male organ, and the tip of the cylinder to make insertion easier. Insert the male organ into the tube slowly. Pump the cylinder gently, so that the change is comfortable and gradual. When you achieve the desired erection, slip on the constriction band to the base of the male organ. This will keep the erection for longer.

Watch the length of time you use the bathmatedirect.com pump. Ideally, it should be around fifteen minutes a day. The constriction band should also not be worn for too long. Limit it to less than half an hour. This means that you need to use this pump just before you have sex. Some people also use the pump as a sex toy. It vibrates when pumping, which excites them.

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