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WePower – Blockchain Powered by Something Different

RoonyBlackJan 22, 2018, 7:24:16 PM

What is WePower?

The idea of WePower is to be different. The team took green energy to a new level that’s more accessible for the customers. This kind of tokenization opens up the green market on a global scale. Here energy producers can trade directly with the buyers and raise the capital if it`s possible. 

With this different kind of mechanism between energy producers and energy buyers, WePower is optimizing the financial cycle between them. The WPR token holders will be with prioritized access on the auctions. Here the allocation is connected to the token holders.

Here the open platform lets green energy market to go global and for the green energy projects that are in process or already out, the important thing is that they don`t depend on local investors.

The investment process in this blockchain is simpler than other and this lets financial costs to go up. And the good thing here is that its splits between the green energy producers and the customers and eventually investors.


Nick Maryniuk, Kaspar Kaarlep and Heikki Kolk lead the team of experts of WePower. There are twelve members which previous experience is the smart metering implementation in Estonia. In the development of this new platform have finger Jon Matonis, one of the founding partner of Bitcoin Foundation. Important figures here are Eyal Hertzog and David Allen.


The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania is one of the partners because of the potential impact powers WePower.

In this platform there are few companies and programs that are supporting the flow of the mechanism:

• Operators in Europe are assisting on launching a pilot tokenizing auction on all Estonian energy sector called Elering;

• Energy producers like Conquista Solar, Civitas projects and Novocorex are intending to use WPR;

• Accessing Startupbootcamp is step in the right direction.

Blockchain and token sale partners:

• Bancor - Bancor is a Decentralized Liquidity Network that allows you to hold any Ethereum

token and convert it to any other token in the network, with no counter party, at an automatically calculated price, using a simple web wallet;

• Krowd Mentor - a strategic investment and advisory firm empowering blockchain investors,

funds, startups and entrepreneurs to reach their liquidity goals;

• AmaZix - community management for crypto projects;

• Bitcoin Suisse - a Swiss - based financial service provider specializing in crypto-assets;

• TokenLot - payment solution for tokens;

• KR Token - a consulting company based in Korea, specializing in dealing with digital assets.

Technology participants here are Catapult responsible for the energy infrastructure in the platform,Wings - the technology partner, Metasite - software development, Blockchain Labs are the source of smart contracts and the final one is Finpass which responsibility is KYC platform.


The WePower platform is ready and up for trying. You can find it on the webpage. The team is working to launch a project with Elering. Within nine months after the main token sale the platform will be operational and ready to be used. For the first two years are expected more projects to be on because of the expanding on two continents after being accepted in Startupbootcamp Energy in Australia and the first client in Spain.

Initial Coin Offering

The distribution of WPR token is up to be 55% during the presale and main sale. The unsold ones will be burned away. The WPR team tokens will be locked for 3 years with a future schedule and for the future holders will be locked in the next 4 years.

Here`s the future schedule of the expected soft cap:

The team is going to use 45 % of the received funds for the development platform of WePower. To include WePower in the existing infrastructures are gonna be used 15% of the funds. The other 15% are for ensuring the compliance with the energy sector requirements. For expansion and operations are expected to be used 25% of the funds.

Whitepaper Review

This platform is providing new way of investing in green energy projects. The partnerships here are letting the future stakeholders to be curtain in one thing – everything is precisely thought.

WePower is intending to provide access to global projects with benefits for the both sides. The team of WePower transformed the green energy market in more simple and efficient one that’s more accessible for everyone who wants to take part in it. Here the team is increasing renewable energy growth and the amount of users. This platform is up to put on the side all of the administrative issues in the financial matters.

Final Conclusion

You can understand everything for the process of connection between green energy producer and costumer or eventually investor from the whitepaper of WePower and the benefits that you`ll get if you’re up for this kind of investing on the global market. It`s different when you`re in it.

Find More Information Here:

Official Website: https://wepower.network/


Telegram: https://t.me/WePowerNetwork

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WePowerNetwork/

Medium: https://medium.com/wepower

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