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How to Improve Indian Judicial System

crazzle7Jan 19, 2018, 8:24:19 AM

 It is high time that we come out of this inactive state and anything impressive is done to make the Indian judiciary speedy. This is important for the improvement of the society at large.

Some of the Important things for Indian Judicial System

To increase the strength of the judiciary

The first thing should increase the number of judges. This is not an easy process. It requires interference at every step. In fact, at every level, the number of judges needs to be increased including the High Court, Supreme Court, and the lower court.

The input must be done to increase the number of students taking up law as a major field of study. There should increase the number of national law schools and also private law colleges.

To keep courts open throughout the year:

Times have changed and today people are not active round the clock. And the Indian judiciary still works in the early fashion. Due to off many reasons such as lots of summer vacations, winter vacations and a lot of other leaves. And it is not acceptable when we are carrying the baggage of three crore backlog cases. In fact, the special night shift magistrate needs to be implemented so that people need not wait till the courts open.

The government needs to get it straight that the Indian Judicial system should get the status of an emergency service. Through Police Govt job Services and other.

Proper modernization of career in courts:

Today India dreams of becoming a completely digitized country. In fact, we have been well-turned to a large extent. But rumly enough, the Indian judiciary is left behind. Due to a lack of facility in Court Govt job and others different types of the reason behind this point. To solve this kind of problem firstly should improve the Indian Judicial System.

The Indian law system should be completely digitized right from the beginning till the end. This will help in saving a lot of problems and for documentation time.