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Understanding Vasectomy

VasectomyJan 11, 2018, 3:11:30 PM

With the technological advancements in the birth control procedures, vasectomy has been developed. This procedure is meant for male only. It is a minor form of operation though you need to be advised accordingly before undergoing the procedure. Vasectomy is referred to as male sterilization. In this operation, the vas deferens of the male reproductive system is detached. It should be noted however that the male testicle is not totally removed. In this simple procedure, the male hormones production is not affected as well as the distribution of hormones to the bloodstream. Another advantage of vasectomy is that sexual feeling is not altered either. After the procedure, males can still experience normal erection and ejaculation. More insight here Gentle Procedures Clinic

Many men fear to lose their sexual life once vasectomy is done, though it should not worry you since the male can still experience normal sexual desire even after the operation has been done. What actually happens is that the male sex gametes known as sperms cannot find a passage to the male reproductive organ and will just be absorbed in different parts of the body. This operation is carried out within a limited span of time. The patient can rest for just thirty minutes after which he can go home without any complications. Before vasectomy is done, the patient is administered local anesthesia just like other surgical procedures.

The side effects are common though they are very rare. They are not so much significant hence they can be necessarily diagnosed. One of the common side effects is the pain. The pain diminishes in a week's time. Sometimes swelling of the male testicles can occur after a week's time of vasectomy. Abscesses can occur at times leading to infection. Abscesses can be effectively dealt with by administering antibiotics. Some men have also experienced Erectile Dysfunction after vasectomy. Erectile dysfunction is usually the declination of sexual satisfaction which usually occurs temporarily. Please read more 

If you experience these symptoms, it is advisable to seek medical attention. As common as these side effects they are, they can be easily and properly overcome. However, the medical attention should be sought as soon as the symptoms manifest since some of them are complicated and can lead to major infections if not properly managed. With the research processes going on, the introduction of open-ended vasectomy has reduced some of these symptoms significantly. Open-ended vasectomy occurs when the testicular end of the cut is left open without being bent back, clipped or sutured. Since the sperms are not left to accumulate, one cannot suffer from sperm granuloma that contributes to lifelong chronic pain later. You should not be afraid of going through this operation if you really need it. More info at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birth_control