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A Hearty Word of Thanks ....

PirateRadioNetworkJan 10, 2018, 3:23:39 AM

Avast me ELVEN hearties!

On behalf of WPRPN, the Robin Hood, and all its crew, i'd like to extend a warm & hearty personal thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Operation Secret Santa (2017).


It's the one time of year, especially, where a lot of great little things can be done to help shine your light on the all 2 widespread issues of world hunger, poverty, & homelessness.

Well done mateys!

Included on the list, and in no particular order of importance:

Japhy Ryder, Mindsgaming, Bathtub Jenn, Karen Lee, Dr. J, Richard Whipple

Pirate Joe Emanon, Emily Anderson, Govy Fawkery, Carolyn Rose "CAT" Goyda, Coco Park, Nathan Chelpaty, Joe Piet, Kasper Kills, Minds Plus, Fortean Talks, Joshua Chaires, Thomas Duder, TekLordz, ByeByeBlueSky, Faceless Troll, Christina Taft, Flavienne Alienne, Johnny Webb, and Robert Van der Brooke

@JaphyRyder @mindsgaming @bathtubjenn @klee461 @rawRITES @josephzuppardo47 @emileah @govyfawkery @carolynrosegoyda88 @cocopark @nathanchelpaty @jopiet @KasperKills @mindsplus @forteantalks @thomasduder @ByeByeBlueSky @maddog780ca @HeroMotivators

@AlchemyDoll @flaviennealienne


Dr. J Radio Live


Whether you took a few quick moments 2 share links, offer donations of cash, time or energy, apologies to anyone who's generosity was overlooked.

No matter how big or small, ALL your efforts and contributions were greatly valued and appreciated.

As of the final streaming segment, together we officially managed to generate $350 in cash, and $200 in "virtual" charity credit, courtesy of BITBAY.com


True to the spirit of our "ROBIN HOOD" mandate, donations were spread out simply with the aim of producing the greatest amount of general good.

And while it may be the end of our 2017 efforts, it's really just the start of what's yet 2 come.

Naturally, we aim to return again NEXT year; promising to make our "grassroots" charity campaign even BIGGER, and more of a success in 2018.

Until we meet again out on the HIGH digital seas:

Happy sailing!

Captain "Long John" Sinclair