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Proposal For Minds Points

Gerry GeronimoJan 7, 2018, 4:33:02 PM

Let the free market decide the value of Minds points.

The people who work at Minds have arbitrarily set the value of Minds points at 1,000 points per $1 US. This may be higher or lower than its real value.

I propose that Minds allow users to monetize the points they have worked hard for. Minds should allow users to sell and buy points at whatever price the free market will bear.

There are benefits for both users and Minds with this proposal.

Users will have another avenue for monetizing their channel(s), if they desire. Their points will become more valuable.

Minds also has a big stake in making points more valuable. Allowing users to sell and buy points will offer users another incentive for using Minds. This will also attract even more new users.

Minds already gets a percentage of the money wired to users. Allow payments to be wired to users selling their points.

More money for Minds. More money for its users.

I support Minds and I purchase points from Minds. I have NOT monetized my channel because I am not here to make money. In fact, I have absolutely NO plans on selling points. However, I will buy points from users and help them monetize their channels.

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