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5 Awe-Inspiring Examples of Feminine Logo Design  

ProDesignsMay 24, 2018, 9:36:54 AM

Be it any business niche, branding and logo design are hugely important to every company in different industries. New products come and go but a strong brand lives forever. When it comes to fashion and jewelry, it always takes us into a feminine world which is full of beauty, style, and elegance. On one side, companies in other industries may offer the same products for sale every year. But the fashion companies change and have to change with the seasons, changing trends and fashion floods in the fashion industry.

Hence, companies dealing in these feminine spheres mandatorily have to opt for Feminine Logo Design. Feminine logo design sphere is very wide which encompasses all elements related to females like beauty, cosmetics, fashion, etc.

Let us now have a look at the 5 famous and very likable companies’ feminine logo designs:

1.  Lotus:

Lotus cosmetics is India’s one of the top leading cosmetics companies in India. Lotus has a variety of cosmetic products for all age group females. Lotus has petal design in its logo as per the name goes. It has pink color in the writing of the letters in its logo. The pink colored lotus shaped petal design in the logo shows the feminine touch of the logo and appeals females as they feel it is related to their beauty.


Lotus Logo

 2.  Wella:

Wella, popularly also known as Wella Professionals, a brand that stands for authentic hairstyle, hair coloring and such other types of beauty solutions for the female customer base. The logo shows the outline of the face of a girl and the hair waves which depicts the best hair solutions for females. The logo is perfectly designed and targets females in the most proper manner.


Wella Logo

3.  Elle 18:

Elle 18 is the company that targets the embellishment of females by the use of lipsticks, nail polishes, etc which are a must for females to get perfectly ready. The company has a modern face logo of a girl on all its products’ bottles which depicts the fashionable appearance of a female who uses the Elle 18 products.


Elle 18 Logo

4.  Olay:

Olay deals in skin care segment for different purposes of female skin. It offers the highest class of skin care products which makes the females more beautiful. This is depicted by its logo which shows a delicate and elegant female face with beauty. The logo is round in shape and golden colors shine in a background of the whole logo which reflects high class and attracts females to get such beautiful and flawless face.


Olay Logo

5.  Barbie:

This company needs no introduction. It is the epitome of dreams for girls because right from their childhood they are connected to barbies. It is fully written in pink and it has a cute pink colored face of a Barbie. Barbie is a synonym for feminine traces. So this brand totally is connected with the female customer base. Logo has beautifully written ‘barbie’ in cursive writing which shows softness, elegance and pink color symbolizes feminism touch in the logo which attracts girls right from their childhood.


Barbie Logo

Feminine logo designs encompass all companies dealing in industries of beauty, fashion, and glamour. Be it feminine logo design, beauty logo design, makeup logo design or fashion logo design; all add to the elegance, glamour, beauty and glitter to the feminine souls.

Hence, having a perfect custom feminine logo design will add on the attraction towards your company among the female customer base. There are Custom Logo Design companies in the market who have the bunch of logo designers who can create one in a million custom logo design for your business as per your requirements of the products or services you are serving the open-ended and ever-changing fashion and beauty industry.