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Evaluation of the Performance of the Sales Force with the Use of Call Tracking

calltrackingbenefitsJan 5, 2018, 7:17:34 AM

There are actually two important tools especially in monitoring the sales for the force which are the inbound call tracking and also those outbound call tracking. In recording the call, using the cloud call tracking system, will actually be able to give you the world of those new information to be able to make use for that staff improvement and at the same time that of the training.

If ever that your staff is making use of the company cell phone, then you can be able to make use of the local or those toll free inbound call tracking number and then you can be able to forward it to the call of the cell phone. Each of those which are incoming call will be able to be recorded and be able to be included in the information like the caller ID, if the call was being answered or if not, the length of the call and many more. The real time reports are also available right through the web based platform that will indicate how those rep will be handling those of the incoming calls from the several prospects or those of the customers. You can actually be able to review the several calls with them especially during the weekly one on one meeting or in the sharing of the call with the group if it is a great kind. It is also very good to be able to consult with the rep right before the sharing as there are also some people that will not feel very much comfortable with that.

If ever that you are managing the sales right inside the the team or if you are working with the sales and also the marketing, the outbound call tracking will be a very great kind of solution for you. Each of those member of the staff will be actually assigned in a four digit code which will then identifies them as the caller. With the help of the outbound tracking number that is programmed right into the phone system, the rep will be able to simply be able to press those of the assigned line, then enter the 4 digit code and then be able to dial the 10 telephone digits number that they wanted to call. You can be able to have those of the detailed report for each of those reps tasks or activity for that day, this will actually include those of the recording for the call. At the same time, with the ability to be able to listen to the live phone call that is in progress, you can also be able to help the team in the sales to be able to increase the closing ratio, and to book more of the appointments and then be able to spend less time right into the phone.