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To create the proper style for an argumentative essay, a writer should...

joanfalconJan 4, 2018, 4:35:53 PM

This article is provided by Joan Falcon, a professional content writer at British Essay Writers.

A writer should consider all the deliverables of an argumentative essay to come up with the proper style. An argumentative essay has to be concise, logical and evidence-based. The style of the paper should convey these deliverables to the audience as effectively as possible with all sections connected with appropriate transitions. The paper should start in such a way that the reader knows the argument that is taken and the justification and the curiosity maintained throughout the essay. A writer should have the reader hooked on the argument by a probing introduction before introducing the two sides.

A good hook with the necessary background should culminate in a concrete thesis with a decided stance and identified opposing sides. The writer should then introduce the conflict and arguments using claims in order of their significance. Ideally, each claim should be tackled in a separate paragraph with a series of evidence included to support the claim. The body should comprise three paragraphs, so it is important to go into important details when supporting claims.

The writer should acknowledge any opposition views regarding their argument and evaluate grounds for a refutation of the claims. The final step should be the articulation of a consummate and impartial conclusion. The writer has to maintain a flow of ideas that leads to a conclusion that does not just restate the thesis but shed light on all evidence laid out in a complete argument that creates a single impression on the reader.