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The Bail Bond Process in Cobb County, Georgia

Bail Bonding NowDec 28, 2017, 9:52:07 PM

As the competition between bail bond companies increases in Cobb County, so does the level of confusion. We can see the toll that it takes its residents very clearly.

Cobb County, GA

Cobb County's seat of Marietta is well known for being one of Atlanta's largest suburbs. Other populous cities to mention within Cobb County are Kennesaw, Powder Springs, Smyrna, and Mableton. The population of the county is hovering right around 741,334 (source: Wikipedia) and the crime rate is significantly less than that of other areas of Atlanta.

Crime Rate

With such a large population, Cobb County has just around 100 arrests per month (as of recently). Reported crimes, on the other hand, are reported at an average of 550 per month. Each city within Cobb has its own unique crime rate as well.

Police Jurisdiction

 Within Cobb County, each individual city has its own police force that is responsible for upholding the law and making arrests. Most of the smaller cities will rely on the existing police force of larger cities like Smyrna and Marietta. The Cobb County Police Department is administered and overseen by the Sheriff's office.

The Bail Bonds Industry

Navigating through the myriad of websites trying to figure out what a bail bond is and how it can be used to release someone from jail is confusing enough. In Cobb County, it gets even more confusing. Some bonding companies advertise that they write bonds for any jail in the county, only to find out that they just write bonds for the Cobb County Adult Detention facility.

While this is confusing indeed, what adds to the confusion is the amount of fees added to the bail bond. Bonding companies don't absorb any of the jail's fees, which is tacked on at a 'per charge' basis, and pass that on to the co-signer of the bail bond. This happens throughout the Atlanta metro area and it isn't just in Cobb.

How Bail Bonds Work

In order for an inmate to be released from jail, he or she must be eligible for a surety bond, cash bond, or signature bond. While all of these will get a person out of jail, there is also the option to pay the full amount of bail to the jail. The person who paid this amount will get the money returned to them after the criminal case has been settled. Surety bonds (bail bonds) are non-refundable and are considered a service fee to the bondsman.

Why Use Bail Bonds?

The biggest problem with paying the full amount of bail is simply that it is a large sum of money. In most criminal cases, it is right around $1,500 on average. The biggest reason that society uses bail bonds is the same reason that they get cash loans. They don't have the money on-hand to pay for the expense. Bail bonds are a type of loan that are backed by an insurance company.

A Bondsman Only Charges a Percentage of the Bail Amount

The typical rate that a Cobb County bail bonds company will charge is 15%. While the industry standard throughout the United States is 10%, this higher percentage rate for a bond leaves clients quite confused. They'll usually call a few different bonding companies to find a cheaper rate. While this might seem like a good idea, it actually just makes the inmate sit in jail longer.

Cobb County Bail Bonds

Cobb County Bail Bonds Are Helping the Community Grow

There are several Cobb County bail bonds "experts" out there who claim to do things that other bondsmen cannot. I assure you that after being in the bail bonds industry as long as I have, they are all the same. The only difference is in the way that they conduct business. If they are licensed to write bonds for Cobb County specifically, then they can bail someone out of the Adult Detention center in Marietta, GA. If they are licensed to write bonds in other cities within Cobb, then they can bail people out of those jails as well.

Finding the Best Cobb County Bondsman

If this is your first time bailing someone out of Cobb County, GA, you don't need to wrap yourself up in all of the information and try to process it all right now. All you need to do is a quick search in the Yellow Pages (if you're old school) or the search engines and call the companies that are listed. Some of them don't answer their phones very often and aren't really focused on customer service. Some of them, on the other hand, are great. For more information on bail bonds in Cobb County, I recommend that you call the jail directly. They have a listing of most of the bonding companies there and display them prominently for the defendants who are incarcerated there.

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Jail Bonds vs Bail Bonds

Essentially, there is no difference between a jail bond and a bail bond per se. All that differs is the terminology from one county to another or from one state to another. The important thing to remember though, is that any bonding company can write bonds, but with Cobb County Jail Bonds, a bondsman can (and mostly WILL) charge you up to 15% of the total bond amount. So, it is important that you know the defendant well enough so that they feel accountable enough to you to show up for their court date. Otherwise, its just a waste of money.