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The First Technocratic Social Democracy Government in Theory [Update 06.02.2020 20:00]

IlluminatingHomoSapiensMay 18, 2018, 8:12:56 PM

Governmental Elections:

Peoples with higher Education/last certification of a University should have Positions in the Government.  As they are qualified as good trustful Politician. In the Future so i hope only People with High Education will sit in the Government and decide how we develop faster. How to create a Technological Structure for Collective Anarchism?. A lot of Question will be asked.

The Party System will be replaced with One Party.

Anyone how finished Studying and has a Doctor Title,Magisterial Tile,Professor Title can be Part of the Technocratic Social Party without any costs.

Its seems easy to go inside this Party. It isn't; cause all new Politician get a qualification test. The Qualification test proof your: Knowledge,Empathy,Sociology,Logic and Rationality,Creativity,Critical Thinking, Anti-Corruption Test.
This test will show us. How qualified a Person is for a Politician role. As normally a qualified Member should achieve 80 Points in the Test. A Politician should know how much responsibility and power they bear with them. They also should have know how responsible they are for all the Peoples. 
To prevent the Government from dysfunction; This test is a must be.

At the End of the Qualification Test. A new Test will come, called the ascetic test with let you life for 3 Years in a kind of "Monastery". So you can learn how to be Kind and teach you Discipline.

Any Politician will in a proof state from the first day in the Party.

This proof state is needed to prevent a dysfunction of the Party.

Of course the Tests will be keep Secret form others how want to join the Party, to preventing not responsible Person getting into the Party.

Law and Functionality:

The Technocratic Social Party will distribute all Property with is regulated by Law and the Peoples votes/Ideas.

Different Laws will show the Government where they Borders of the Government are and prevent from destroying the Civil Rights.

 Hypothesis of  Landscape Law:

Private landscape will stay Private. As long its belong to a Private Person. Only when he die/give it away. It will be gain to the Government and given away to the next Citizen for Free. It can't be buy or sell. All Governmental Landscape will be given to Citizens. With Mathematical and Psychological/Sociological aspect, the Government will try provide a fair living of the Citizen. All will get enough Land space to life without Paying any Money. Example: You will get 1000 x 1000 x 1000 x 1000 if you a Single Person/Family/Partnership . The Apartment must have normal life standards included a Kitchen, Bathroom,Toiled,Parlor,Bedroom. So its must be the enough living room for all.  There is also a negative side. You cant choose where you will reside in the  Country you live. It will be choose by a Algorithm. You ask why?. 

A example: If all want live in the same Landscape. But there is not enough Place.

It will lead into unfairness.

A Warning for the Government:

For the Government there will be also a Laws that provide the Government not to benefit from misusing Laws and Materials/Resources. 
All will get the same Standards. No matter how you are.

Distribution before the Modern Age of A.I

All will get enough Resources and Money. As long Money exist.  Money will be gain by Work (Before the Modern Age of A.I). It will be like now. From you Education you will get your Payment, it will be High or Low because of your Education. Work will be reduce to 4 hours a day. So they will be more Jobs. Because they will be two working time. All work became part-time work. Two Persons will work on the same Place. Person one working time begin at 12:00 and end with 16:00. Person two begin with 16:00 and end with 20:00. Lesser work and the same Money.

Until the Government; will work on Scientific Research and try to advance our Social Wealth. After a long time of Scientific Research; the Technology will become advance enough. So we can step into Modern Age of A.I

The Social Education Score

In the Future Money will be replaced with a Social Education Score.

In with you get rewarded base on your Knowledge and how much Books your Memorized.

This means that then more Scientific and Literature Books you read. Then more score you get, then higher will be your Ranking, like in a Game.

Its not possible to buy things for the Score Points, its only increase your Ranking. With the Ranking,you get Gifts; A House, A Car, Etc. Then higher your Ranking. Then more Access you gain to the World.

Of Course you will start with a Young age and your achievements will be reward by the Score from your younger Age.

There will be also an International Ranking list based on your Score.

One thing that can't happen is losing Score, as you may forget things. But that's Normal and part of being Human. You can't be punished by taking your Score and your Rank. Cause this would be against Human Rights.

The idea is still in work.

The Laws against Intolerant Government Activities


1.Every Politician must swear to protect the Natural Rights of the Citizen and swear that he do not go against the chosen Rights/Laws of/by the People, as long the Citizen are against the selected Option to change a Law. The Politician have no Power to change it.

2. You as Politician swear to beware Peace and Prosperity.

3.If a Politician goes against the will of the People

Because of Corruption. He will be judge by a

Jurisdictional Court . If his Guilty will be proven and the Peoples

agree. Then he will be punish by Execution.

Prosperity Act 2.1:

If Prosperity can't be hold for the Public because of robbing the Peoples with to high Taxes. The Citizen can choose to set down some Taxes. The Government must accept this step of Action and can not implement any new

Taxes without the Agreement of the Peoples.

Even if someone do not pay taxes;

The Government or any Institution can't rob the Peoples from having a Land space nor taking the a Land space because of Depth.

Peaceful Act 2.2:

The Government isn't allow to spend taxes of the People for anything that promote War or Destruction.

If a Politician accept Money form a Lobbyist (Its a act of Corruption).

If a Politician allow himself treason against the peoples. Because he work for another Country, as a Spy. He faces the Execution

If the whole Government or a Politician start to promote War or Destructive Acting; Such as going against the Human Rights,Ecological Laws,Free Speech without the support of the Peoples. They will be exterminated by the Peoples or by the Military/Police.

Folks Civil Authority Act 3.0

3.If the People have voted to punish a Politician with Prison. He will face Prison or higher Punishment when he broke the Peaceful Acting Law. 
Of course this Punishment is only allowed when there are incriminating evidence of Criminal Activities. 

3.1: If the Peoples get against a Politician and want a his step down from being a Politician. He is committed to step down after a Month. This time is given to find a new Job or get retired.

Surveillance of the Government Act 4.0

4. If a Individual become a part of the Government. He is giving up his Privacy for Security of the Public Masses. This Includes his Private Live and Work Life.

He will be Surveillance for the Security of the Public, to see if he do not go against Anti-Corruption Laws.Human Rights, Freedom of Expression/Free Speech, Peace Acts.

This Reinsurance will be done by the Public. With a Live streaming on the Television send to a Special Program. Where Peoples can see what legislation are made in the Government. The Peoples can decide to go against a Idea or Legislation on the TV with live voting. As also written messages that will be seen on the TV, for a modification in a Legislation.

The Surveillance will be done by Neurolink, Video&Audio Recording.

Laws are still in Work...

Most Laws will be overtaken form the old System and some will rewritten to protect the Citizens from breaking their Freedom. Privacy Laws need to be add. Also all non Open Source Tech/Software will be forbidden.

The Institution Model

(Police, Anti-Corruption Agency. Not every Institution will base on this Model).

In the Future; Automation will take everything over. Even the Institutions.

But to this time we need a Solution.

I was thinking that some of the Institution get more independent from Government payment. So the Government can't misuse them for there own Purpose.

To do this some of the Intuitions need to get anonymous voluntarily payments from the Public, to get the Institution function right like they should . I think that the Institution should make a Decentralized Fully Encrypted  Platform that guaranteed the fully Anonymity of the Donor.

The Money then will go to a Secret Bank Account that even the State doesn't know about it. To this the Financial Agency will guarantee that the Money goes to the Worker, by asking them out and watching for what the Institution use the Money,of course the Financial Agency will know how much Money a Agency has receive, as it will be write on the Platform.

This would guarantee that the Institution can't be Corrupted.

Governmental Model

The Government Building will be high secured with huge Walls to protect the Workers of the People from Terrorist Attacks.

Inside the Government; Cameras will be Installed every where, positioning in a Line of Cameras.

Sound will be Recorded and all Video will be Streamed Live for the Security of the Public Safety. Everything will be Recorded.

In the Congress Room there will be TVs, how will show a live poll of what the Public want and for what they advocate and  what they stand against.

Democratic Part of the Artificial Intelligence Technocratic Social Democracy (Modern Age):

After the A.I will take over the Government. It will be intelligent enough to take care over the Peoples and have enough Knowledge to produce all kind of products as also building Machines and Creating Houses.

When the A.I take over the Government. There will be no Ruler and the A.I will do the Commands of the Peoples. 

The Products will be Produced by the Commends of the Peoples.

All power will be distributed on the Peoples Ideas.

As a result of the Modern Age.

We will go into a Collective Liquid Anarchism in with all Ruling and Distribution of Products lies in the Hands of the People;

Based on Collective Governmental Ideas Platforms; how will use the Internet to form Opinions and bringing Idea into reality by Collective Voting.

All old Systems will be abandon,

No Rulers. No Presidents,no Kings, no Dictatorship, No Oligarchy.

The Private Sector 

The Private Sector is what will be called a "Capitalistic State" in the State.

It's nothing other then the Military under special Laws. With will have a Place in or outside the State.

Such a Sector is guided by special permission in Times of War or in the need of Defending the People against the Dangers of Foreign Powers. 

Anyone how will join the Private Sector get out of the System and need get work for Credit in the Private Sector. This Credit can be then use to Manipulate the Education Ranking. Its may be unfair or even Cheating. But you chose a very responsible Job. So i would say it's fair. With the Credit that you get; You skip School and Level faster then the Normal Folk.

But  have  high duties to care; In Times of War. Your duty will be to defend the Peoples from the Foreign Power.

There is a Alternative for this Idea. Yet, Droids can easy shut down with EMPS. So i don't think remote controlled Droids by the Folks is a good Idea. The Peoples may use them to defend them self. But they will be shut down in Seconds. Also by giving a Self-Defends/War right, it would almost reduce the Population. But with the Private Sector. Only few high trained individuals would need to fight.

Its all a Theory. I can't see how something like that will effect on the real World. Because i do not have a research labor and team. But i hope it will Function. As many peoples will work on my Idea and let it in the Right way.

Execution Plan:

1. We need to automate all food supplies and agriculture. After all is Automated in the Food Industry. Food will become available for free.

2. Free/Unlimited electricity.

3. Free Housing. 

After this all can be automated and give us the Possibility to live a life of Freedom.

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