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The War on Christmas

American EricDec 23, 2017, 2:18:09 PM

Short blog to demonstrate why, indeed, there is a war on Christmas

I was listening to the radio when the host got mad over the Trumpian saying, "It's OK to say Merry Christmas again."

"When was it not OK to say Merry Christmas," he angrily asked, "Where is the 'War on Christmas?"

In Answer to the first question, here's an article of 11 times people in America have been sued for saying or expressing "Merry Christmas."


As for the second question:  What about the guy in NYC who tried blowing people up around the Christmas advertisements?   

In America, they beef up security in anticipation for the INEVITABLE attack on Christmas.  It might not happen this year (again) in the USA, but it will happen.  And one day it will be bad like it is all over the world.

Around the globe, Christmas markets and churches have been attacked.  Hundreds, if not thousands, dead or wounded.

Meanwhile, the same schlubs said that Mitt Romney was waging a "War on Women."

So that was a very short case for why I think Christmas has been, and continues to be under attack.  I left out all the commercialism, and that's a shame, because that too is an attack on Christmas.  Anyway, let me know if I'm wrong, or dumb, or whatever.  Thanks for reading!

American Eric