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DeafJobWizard.com is #1 Deaf-Related Job Board Site for Job Hunters

lisapalmsDec 22, 2017, 2:57:47 PM

There is so much competition going on between employers who are trying all they can to hire the best candidates and attempting to advertise their job vacancies in the best possible ways. Online job boards have helped employers find skilled candidates and for job hunters to land the jobs of their liking. However, this competition has become more challenging for both employers and job hunters to find the right job listing site for all deaf-related fields.

Good news! In this post, I will be reviewing one of the most efficient job-listing niche sites which I happen to have come across this year. I fancy the site, DeafJobWizard.com because it focuses on providing a clever solution for employers who understand the benefits of hiring deaf and hard of hearing individuals and to post their job opening ads.

Why DeafJobWizard.com is the Number One Job Board in the Deaf-Related Listings Category

The site layout is quite inviting and you immediately get the idea of what it represents the moment you land on the homepage. You can easily access job listings posted by organizations or businesses who are actively searching for candidates that best fit their deaf-related job openings. On the job listing section, you can view the whole job openings in a single page or search for listings by the state where you wish to work. In addition, DeafJobWizard.com is the number one job board in its category because it only lists deaf-related jobs in various categories on a regular basis and all jobs posted on this site are fully vetted before posting. In addition, most of the job ads listed require fluency in American Sign Language (ASL).

How to Post a Job on DeafJobWizard.com

If you are an employer with job position vacancies in your company or organization and is looking to employ candidates in any deaf field, you can quickly post a job on DeafJobWizard.com. The process is as easy as filling an order form and then submitting it to be processed and posted by the site administrator. Hundreds of applicants who visit the job listing site can then apply for the openings directly on your website or via e-mail.

DeafJobWizard.com’s Pricing Plan

Compared to other major job search sites, the cost of posting a job on DeafJobWizard.com is quite inexpensive. You can post as many job postings on the site as you want for a period of six weeks and your job ads will also be listed on all the company’s social media pages, hereby reaching a lot more potential candidates.

How Job Hunters and Employers Can Take Advantage of DeafJobWizard.com

For deaf and hard hearing job hunters, it is usually a huge challenge when trying to go through job listings that the major job search sites generate for them when they enter simple keywords such as “deaf” in the search box. Many jobs that are not deaf-related often come up on the computer screen which can be quite a frustrating experience for job hunters who are seeking for deaf employment opportunities, specifically. Both job hunters and employers can be confident that all jobs listed on DeafJobWizard.com are deaf-related.

The job board also features an excellent blog section where the site administrator regularly posts articles with helpful tips for both employers and job hunters. For example, one can find useful information on how to recruit deaf and hard of hearing candidates, read about deaf organization’s work culture, learn about common careers for deaf and hard of hearing people, and for employers to seek information on how to make their work environment fit for deaf employees, etc.

Overall, the navigation through DeafJobWizard.com is effective, posting and applying for jobs is direct and the website’s blog section provides both job hunters and employers with vital information on various employment-related issues. It is quite clear to me that this niche-oriented job board is the best in its category.