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The Eternity Ring Can Spark Your First Love

eternityringsandewelsDec 20, 2017, 8:36:35 AM

An engagement ring signifies the start of the endless journey of marriage whereas the wedding ring cements the intention. On the other hand, the eternity band ring is the acknowledgment of the ongoing union and commitment between a husband and a wife. What is more, the eternity rings are regarded as the most romantic symbols of love at all times.

Traditionally an eternity band is one which has at one or more rows of diamonds completely encircling the finger. The gemstones may be paved set, channel set, bar set or even bezel set, but the effect is always one of a dazzling channel of opulence! The presence of diamonds in an eternity band is essential because they are deeply symbolic of hope and purity. As the hardest known natural substance, diamonds also perfectly symbolize the strength of love and devotion between a husband and wife.

And the fact that the diamonds go round the finger in a continuous circle of gemstones shows the unending kind of love that a husband and wife enjoy together. All of this makes an eternity ring uniquely romantic.

Nonetheless, a complete circle of diamonds rings can be a little expensive when it comes to budgeting. That is why most individuals prefer to invest in a half eternity band ring to complete circle ones. Half eternity rings are similar to the full eternity band. However, for half eternity rings, the gemstones cover only the most noticeable parts of the finger, cumulatively, about a third or half of the total band. The back of the ring is made of a precious blank metal.

The diamonds set into the band ring can come in varied shapes. Nevertheless, the diamonds can be set closely together in a pave, channel or close claw setting to maximize the impression of the diamonds. And for this reason, the round cut brilliants, and the cuts with edged facets, such as princess, rectangular, and square cut diamonds look amazingly outstanding.

The eternity rings are customarily given whenever there is a plan to party and recollect the eternal nature of romantic love. The most obvious of such occasion ae perhaps the wedding anniversary. The first wedding anniversary in most cases is the most preferred time to give an eternity band. The anniversary of the wedding proposal or the first encounter might be other appropriate events.

What is more, there are other times when a husband may want to make his wife feel special, such as after the birth of their first child, or even when the firstborn child leaves home for college, or indeed any other marked change in the home life of the married couple. And it is also becoming popular for couples to choose eternity bands as their art decor engagement rings too.