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Selling Your Home in Quincy MA

Dean CacioppoDec 14, 2017, 6:05:22 PM

Getting Top Dollar For your Quincy Home

From modern and contemporary to traditional homes, it should not be too hard selling your home in Quincy MA.  In Fact, the market forecast and outlook remains positive heading into 2018. 

There are many steps involved in selling your Quincy home at the highest fair market price.  For one, you need the right REALTOR to help you effectively market your home to interested buyers. 

The Value of Your Home

Before selling a home, it is important to understand its true market value. Most homes that do not sell are simply overpriced.   Do not rely on sites such as Zillow to provide an estimate of value for your home in Quincy.  These AVM's (automatic valuation models) from the nation-wide real estate portals generally do not have direct access to all of the sold data.  

The most accurate way to get your homes current value is  get an appraisal but that can cost between $400-$500.  There are local Quincy real estate agents that offer AVM's that are much more accurate than Zillow

Choose The Right Agent

A good real estate agent in Quincy MA will understand the market and can help prepare your home for sale.  Your agent will also complete a CMA - which is different than an AVM or an appraisal, to get a more accurate picture of what price your Quincy home will get on the open market.

Get Your Home in the MLS

A local Quincy agent will have access to the MLS.  This must be done by a licensed real estate agent who pays monthly dues.  This includes placing your home on the market, alongside other properties with similar asking prices. This is an important step since it makes your home competitively viable within its asking price and range. 

Agents also perform the following for your convenience:

Take professional photographs of your home for online listing purposes.

Advertise your home to interested buyers and investors.

Connect interested buyers to your property via phone calls, social media, and Open Houses.

Hyper-Targeted Social Media Marketing

A good Quincy agent will also advise you on the best ways to make your home more presentable.   This may include:


power washing


interior - exterior cleaning

and removing family valuables before Open Houses 

Ensuring your home remains marketable with timely listings, monitoring, and open minds for all types of offers.

If you want to sell your home in Quincy MA fast and for the highest possible market price, finding a local real estate agent in Quincy MA is your best bet. 

In fact, these experts understand the market better than most home sellers. They also stay abreast of all the latest industry trends and developments. This allows them to offer real-time advice on the best ways of selling your property the right way.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

From one-story to two-story homes, there are so many Quincy homes for sale up for sale at the moment, there is a lot of competition.  With the market as strong as ever, there is more money to be invested by local buyers as well. The same also goes for investors from other parts of MA and the country as well.

Although there are very few Quincy agents that will guarantee to sell you home, here are some steps that should be followed . In addition, these steps also help you prepare you home without any emotional attachments that can obstruct sales:

Price aggressively at original List.  Do NOT overprice your Quincy home with the intention of "seeing what happens" with the idea of dropping the price down the road.  The first two weeks of any listing is when it gets the most attention.  You don't want YOUR Quincy home to be overpriced during that critical time. 

Keep your asking prices fair at all times. Never turn away offers without considering them - even low-ball ones. Be fair and open-minded to all offers and respectful when turning them down as well.

Make your home easy to show.  Make sure that you do not have many stipulations in having potential buyers see the home.  Don't require a 24 hour notice or require that your agent be there.  The homes that are easy to show, will always get the most showings. 

You have hired a local real-estate agent to sell your home. Therefore, let him or her do their work and they will keep you informed every step of the way.

Listen to your REALTOR when it comes to preparing your home for sale. This includes tidying up rooms, along with removing family photos and heirlooms. These are emotional attachments that can serve as obstacles to your sale.

Always be ready for potential buyers via Open Houses or walkthroughs. You must keep your property in prime condition in order to attract and engage the right buyers and prices.

You may have to incur out-of-pocket expenses for landscaping, painting, power washing, and interior cleaning to ensure a beautiful and sparking property.

Keep track of the market as much as you can. This includes comparing asking prices in your neighborhood or sub-division. Be prepared to take a lower price if your property has remained dormant on the market for a while.

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

Finding the right agent in Quincy requires a little legwork. In fact, you can easily research any local realtor or firm online.  They also have websites that rank the top real estate agents across the country.  

Reviewing agent credentials can be time consuming.  This includes their industry rankings, ratings, and reviews - along with buyer/seller testimonials. This can help you make a worthwhile and informed decision about which company or agent to go with. 

If you are ready to sell a home, simply contact your local agent and they will handle the rest.