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2017's Best-Selling Extra Large Wall Clocks

WallaceBurkeDec 13, 2017, 2:48:00 AM

Time telling devices are as old as time. The first known clock was the sundial invented by the Ancient Babylonians around 2000 BC. A sundial is a disk with a triangle shaped arm called gnomon. This device shows the time of the day through the shadows cast by the gnomon based on the sun's position. Aside from the sundial, another early time telling devices known to man is an hourglass.

From sundials and hourglasses, time telling devices have evolved through time. With the help of technological advancement, the first ticking clock was born in Europe around more than 800 years ago. Nowadays, you can see various types of clocks from the traditional analog clocks, grandfather clocks to digital ones. Cellular phones and smartphones can also tell you the exact time in any part of the globe. Indeed, clocks are the most useful invention in existence. Without it, you could never tell the difference between past, present, and future. In addition, it will be hard to accomplish things without time telling you when to start and stop.

Every household needs a clock. It has a dual purpose when it comes to home use, first clocks are used to keep track of time and second, they are great home accessories. You can find several types of clocks in varying designs. You can choose one that complements your home interiors, or you can have a custom-made clock. Now, for those who need an extra large wall clock for their home, here are the best-selling clocks this 2017 created by the London Clock Company.

1. HVIT Wall Clock

This classic analog wall clock by the London Clock Company is the second best-seller in the market. This clock measures 50 cm and fits perfectly for home and office use with its pristine color. You can get this wall clock for only $169.95 which is a great incentive.

2. KLOKKE Wall Clock

If you prefer a wooden themed clock to hang on your walls, this product will do just fine. The KLOKKE wall clock measures 50cm and uses an Arabic number system for easy time-telling. This clock is the fourth best-seller this year.

3. VANTAGE Wall Clock

For home and office spaces with modern-looking interiors, the best one for you is Vantage Wall Clock. This time-telling device measures 42 cm complete with a sleek design. You can get this clock for only $139 which is a sure catch.

4. FRISKE Wall Clock

Sometimes the ticking of clocks is annoying especially at night. The good news is, you can now get a silent wall clock. The Friske Wall Clock does not produce any ticking sound made by regular clocks which is a good thing to have particularly in offices. This clock has a size of 41 cm with Arabic numeric system.

5. EMMA Wall Clock

This stylish wall clock comes in a beautiful shade of grey. The Emma Wall Clock measures 42cm that would fit in any home interiors. This clock is available for $106. For additional info, go to Oh Clocks and learn more about the latest clocks of The London Company.