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Tips to Help You Beat Your Next Escape Room Adventure

escaperoomblogNov 12, 2017, 12:16:04 AM

Escape Room is an adventure game where players enter a room and solve a number of puzzles and riddles with the use of hints, clues and strategy to reach a final goal - escape. They have to unveil the secret plot leading to their goal within a set time limit.

Although escape rooms are fun and helpful in team-building, they can also be extremely challenging. On your next escapade, take these tips with you:

1. Be a team but don't bunch.

This is pretty basic advice but there's a catch when you apply it to escape rooms. In a well-designed escape adventure, players usually get pulled a fast one with various parts of the same puzzle scattered inside the room. Therefore, every member of your group must be all over the place looking for different clues, instead of bunching around a few. The usual scenario is that when somebody finds something, everybody rushes to it, and at that moment, they start to fail.

2. Announce it.

Every time you see a good clue, let everybody know. Early on, it's not even the puzzle you should be thinking of, but getting a sense of the plot. And whenever a team member calls out what they've seen, it puts everyone else in the same boat. The most crucial part at this stage is making everyone look at the same direction.

3. Be humble and decisive.

When people are comfortable knowing they have an hour to solve the problem, they may dawdle during the first few vital minutes. When they realize the trouble they're in, it's usually too late. Therefore, get that sense of urgency started from the get-go.

Ask for hints if you must, and no, THAT'S NOT CALLED CHEATING. Forget pride and ask as soon as possible, not when you have 5 minutes to go. Everyone wants to be a Sherlock, but those that want to win are more like Columbo - ask what you don't know!

4. Think like an engineer.

The best escape rooms at http://www.goescapeartist.com are often designed by mechanical, software and electrical engineers, so try to get into their wavelength when you're running out of ideas. Because almost everything you'll find in an escape room is custom-built, there is a 99.9% chance that everything in it will be useful at some point. Take mental notes and be open to working backwards.

5. Think like an writer too.

Yup, a writer. Besides, what kind of escape room such as from http://www.goescapeartist.com will have no plot? If all stones have been turned and still you have nothing, think like a storyteller. Just picture out what might happen from the point of view of a narrative. If you're a Lit major, it's time to get to work.

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