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Learning How to Hypnotize People and Yourself

becomeahypnotistNov 7, 2017, 3:10:40 AM

Do you want to learn how to become a hypnotist? Well, if your answer is yes, continue reading this article as it explains how you can hypnotize people. But first, you need to understand what hypnosis is before you learn how to hypnotize people. When we say someone is in a state of hypnosis, then the person is said to be in a trance state. This is because the subject is alert throughout the process, but has tuned out most the stimuli around them. The person's focus is usually the subject at hand. During this time, the person may or may not know what is happening, but a hypnotist alters it. Everyone experiences hypnosis at some point every day. For example, you may daydream when you are reading, watching a movie or even driving.

There are many types of hypnotherapy that you can learn. For instance, you can learn how to hypnotize for sleep. This is known as sleep hypnosis. It helps ease symptoms of depression and anxiety by lifting someone's mood, especially when their bodies have forgotten to relax.

Having that in mind, it is advisable first to learn how to hypnotize yourself before you can practice it on another person. This will assist you in coming up with solutions for any problems in your life. More so, it will help you in making decisions. There are three steps of hypnotizing people which include creating rapport with them, confusing them and later making a suggestion to them. Do not overlook these actions; they are not as simple as they seem. For that reason, you can enroll a course online or meet up with your instructor so that you can become a better hypnotherapist. Know how to become a hypnotist here!

Fortunately, there are many training options on the market. For instance, you can opt to read the hypnosis printed books, or you can download soft copies on the internet. So, whichever training option you choose, make sure you observe how different hypnotists hypnotize their patients before you start practicing it on someone else. Even if you fail after the first few attempts of captivating someone fails, make sure you stay committed and do not give up. Remember, when you practice a lot you will perfect your skills.

For starters, you can use conversation hypnosis to hypnotize people. Conversational hypnosis is one of the speed inductions that you can learn how to hypnotize someone in less than five minutes. However, this method does not require induction skills like the ones used in Dave Elman induction method and the handshake interrupt method. But you need confusion techniques, indirect but embedded commands, and excellent storytelling skills.

Before you start the process, make sure the patient is comfortable. For instance, you can request them to lie down in their bed or on a very comfy couch. More so, make sure there are no distractions in that room. Should the person need to visit the bathroom or drink anything, let them do that some minutes earlier.

Once you do that, make sure you engage the patient in a conversation that captivates them. By absorbing their attention, the subject's conscious thought processes that you are creating the conditions that make hypnosis possible. Because the subject is not aware of your intentions of trance, he or she will be more suggestible and will not resist.

Apart from that, you need to activate an unconscious response. This is to make sure that you are communicating with the patient subconsciously. For instance, you can flinch during the process. However, be cautious when you are hypnotizing someone, especially since unconscious mind dictates emotions. As soon as you notice emotional response to your language patterns, then this is an excellent sign that the patient is already in a trance.

Lastly, make suggestions to the patients unconscious that will make them reach your desired outcome. You can opt to use 'the hypnotic triple effect' or 'the compound effect.' Before you even start the conversational process, you should have a clear objective. For that reason, everything you do should move you closer to achieving your goal. Learn how to hypnotize people here!