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Reasons To Invoice Quickly

uwedreissOct 10, 2017, 8:07:32 AM

Invoicing, if done properly won’t be as time consuming as some of you think it is. There are many solutions to make invoicing painless and quick for any business owner or a freelancer.


Sending invoices to your clients in a timely manner will get you paid faster and your operations running smoothly.


Don’t leave invoicing to the last minute. The longer you wait the longer it will take for your business to get paid. Avoid choking off your income; that is not how to operate a business. Timely invoicing means a prosperous enterprise today and tomorrow.


Clients May Need Time


Don’t be afraid to set deadlines for payments when dealing with your clients. Make sure you invoice them as soon as you can. The sooner they get their invoice, the sooner you will receive your payment. Some clients may need time to gather the finances in order, so be prompt with your invoicing.


Sending out early invoices will be a reminder for your client that there is a payment that needs to be taken care of. You never know what issues may arise for you or your customer so don’t be afraid to invoice early.


After you have invoiced your client, you will now be able to focus on other projects and satisfying other clients’ needs.


Cash Flow


Sending invoices on time means cashflow for your business. Avoid waiting to invoice at all costs. Depending on how you handle invoices and how you send them out, it may take quite some time before your client even receives your invoice. Generating revenue is imperative to continue business operations.


You absolutely cannot fall behind on invoices. As you continue accumulating a larger client base the invoices will quickly pile up. Key is to stay on top of your invoicing and not leave it to the last minute.


Invoices are your business income that needs to be collected quickly. Make it a priority to invoice your clients and you will see just how much faster you will accumulate your cash.


Get Your Own Finances In Order


Getting used to invoicing is great for managing the overall health of your organization. Sending out timely invoices to your clients will help you better assess the financial integrity of your business in case you think of expanding your operations in the future.




Building trust between your business and your customer is vital if you want to succeed. As a client there is nothing better than knowing you are dealing with an honest enterprise. Invoicing keeps your conditions and your rendered services transparent and clear. There will be no confusion as to what was done and any of the costs associated to the work conducted by your business.


Invoicing your client early is a major component to building a good business - client relationship. Trust me when I say this - an early invoice is always appreciated.


Stays Fresh


Waiting too long for anything and the details get hazy, some important details may be remembered differently or forgotten entirely. Waiting and not invoicing as soon as you can might create a lot of complications for you and your client.


Invoice customers immediately while the information is still fresh in both of your heads. This will avoid a lot of issues and complications between the two parties.


With quick invoicing, you can also take advantage of the ‘recency bias’. This means that your client will view this as the more urgent issue for him or her to deal with than something that has happened a while ago.


Get New Clients


By sending out your invoices as fast as possible you've got more time at the end of the day or week to search for new clients on Twitter, Facebook and co. With social media becoming more and more crucial in our everyday lives it is important to spend enough time on those tools to get new customers for the future lined up.


Send Those Invoices


Don’t wait to invoice your customers. It really is not a smart decision as a business owner or a freelancer. Make sure to always dedicate an appropriate amount of time for invoicing. You can’t focus on developing and growing your business if you let invoices pile up. Guarantee yourself a steady cash stream through timely invoices and you’ll be able make your business succeed. That’s the goal, right?


Make invoicing a habit. As time goes on, the easier it will get and you will notice a positive impact it has on your business and your clients.