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TREEPEX – FIGHTING AIR POLLUTION (Will this tech innovation solve the air pollution problem?)

caropublishSep 26, 2017, 9:35:47 AM

Here comes the ever awaiting Treepex, the first ever device that transforms polluted air into fresh oxygen. The company has just announced a global launch of its device. This is an innovative, newly developed portable device that replicates a tree’s process and transforms polluted air into fresh, mineral-enriched air. The device, developed by the Tbilisi-based startup Treepex, uses CRISPR technology to provide a solution to the ever-growing air pollution problem.

According to the recent research done, 25% of deaths are caused by air pollution. Poisonous emissions into the atmosphere kill about three million people annually. One of the major causes of deaths caused by air pollution are cancer, congenital pathologies, disruption of the immune system of the human body. Various substances that pollute the air affect the state of human health differently, causing various diseases. The inhalation of air in which combustion products are present (diluted exhaust of a diesel engine), even for a short time, for example, increases the risk of getting coronary heart disease. Contaminated air also leads to increased pressure. This is because the pollution of the atmosphere leads to a change in that part of the nervous system that controls the level of blood pressure. Because of air pollution in major cities, about five percent of hospitalizations occur.

A very dangerous symptom for mankind is that air pollution increases the likelihood of the birth of children with malformations. Excessive concentration of harmful substances in the atmosphere causes premature birth, newborns have a low weight, and sometimes dead children are born. If a pregnant woman breathes air containing high concentrations of ozone and carbon monoxide, especially in the second month of pregnancy, she has three times the opportunity to give birth to a child with such a developmental malformation as a harelip, wolf mouth, heart valve defects. Pollution is one of the biggest global killers, affecting over 100 million people. People who live in places with high levels of air pollutants have a 20% higher risk of death from lung cancer than people who live in less-polluted areas. This is why the greenovative startup Treepex - based in one of the most pollution-affected countries globally - decided to take action.

The founders of this great portable gadget “Treepex” are from Tbilisi, Georgia – the country with one of the highest mortality rates of pollution and it’s been a while since they have been working on a crazy idea to solve this problem for once and for all of which is now a reality. Treepex uses CRISPR technology to extract the DNA from a variety of trees, such as oak, pine, and maple trees, reproducing the living cell responsible for photosynthesis. And that is how Treepex can replicate a tree's process transforming Carbon dioxide into oxygen. Millions of leaves compressed in the cartridge of the so-called brain of the device can easily become an inseparable part of our life as the mobile app continuously synchronizes with the device, showing the amount of polluted air converted into fresh oxygen while monitoring pulmonary activity.

If we cannot stop deforestation, what if we can bring the forest into our everyday life? Of course, the fact remains we can’t stop deforestation and that’s one of the reasons why they decided to find an immediate and effective solution to         breathe your own forest using Treepex.