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4 Steps to Fix ‘Scanner Failure’ (‘843’ and ‘844’ error) in Lexmark Printer

printersupportsnumberSep 18, 2017, 8:21:06 AM

Are you using Lexmark Printer and facing ‘scanner failure’ issue?

If yes, then here in this blog we have mentioned some step by step guide to get rid of this error message.

Sometimes while using printer it happens when printing machine throws Scanner Failure Message this message is shown along with error code like 843.xx and 844.xx Here x denotes any numeric value. You can manually fix this error by changing some printer setting or for instant help you can Call Lexmark customer support phone number.

Troubleshooting Steps to fix ‘Scanner failure Message’

1.First, you have to turn off the printer.

2.When the Printing Device is off carefully pressed and hold  and  button in the printer.

3.Turn on the printer back while keeping these buttons held down. Carefully release the buttons when ('.....') this kind of dots series appears on the printing machine screen.

4.If Step is executed in proper sequence then, the machine will show 840.01 Scanner Disabled message. When this kind of message shown on screen, press Continue to clear the error message and continue using the Printing device.

Lexmark Printer Support Number USA

If you want to re-enable the scanner unit, then turn them off the printing machine and turn on back after some time. Don’t press any button in between.

While practically follow above Steps to fix the same issue and if you are unable to fix the error then it’s better to take help from third-party experts by dialling Lexmark Printer Customer Support Number 1-800-862-1908 for instant help. Or you can also find Printer Service Number from Printersupportsnumber.com

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