Maintaining the Quality of Kratom Products

MariaCampbell Feb 17 2017

Kratom, which is scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a plant that commonly grows in some South East Asian countries like Thailand and Borneo. Its leaves have been very useful in the past in treating cases of diarrhea and pain. Such have been boiled to make a natural tea or has been consumed as is. As time went by, many professionals have started studying the chemical components of the plant's leaves. Through such, they have discovered that the plant's leaf can help manage other conditions like anxiety, depression, malaria, insomnia, leukemia, and more. With such promising results, many companies have started manufacturing products using the plant's leaves. Thus, today, people can already find and buy Kratom products in tea bag, dried leaf, and powder forms.


However, people who will be buying the above-mentioned wonder drug should remember that its potency and level of efficiency may be affected by certain environmental conditions. Such is due to the fact that most kratom products do not contain any type of chemical preservative. Taking such into consideration, if the product is not properly handled or stored, it can easily spoil and its effectiveness may be gone. In relation to such, many experts recommend that people store kratom products in air-tight and sealed containers. The reason for such is to prevent the process of oxidation. Meaning, the Oxygen from the environment can form certain compounds with the components of the product. When such happens, the product becomes stale. Likewise, since the components are already used up, the product will no longer have any effects. Additionally, using such types of containers can also prevent water or moisture from entering. Thus, the introduction of bacteria and molds can be avoided.


The potency of kratom products can also be greatly affected by high temperatures. According to experts who have learn about effects of heat on the product, heat is primarily responsible for degenerating the active and medicinal alkaloids present in the product. Thus, in order to prevent such, people should not place kratom products near appliances that produce heat, such as dish dryers and microwave ovens. As can be denoted from the above conditions, people are recommended to store their kratom products in cool and dry places. Likewise, in order to maintain the potency and effectiveness of kratom products, people should also prevent such from being exposed to sunlight. Apart from the sun's high temperature, the sun's UV rays also have negative effects on the product. Such is due to the fact that it increases the speed of alkaloid decomposition or breakdown. Thus, the product should also be stored in a dark area. However, people can still place them in lighted areas as long as they place it in a dark, amber bottle.


In addition, people should also remember that the quality of the kratom product does not only refer to its potency and effectiveness. It can also refer to its taste and smell. With such in regard, people should also make sure that such are not affected. The most practical and best way to prevent such is not to store the product in places where other products that have strong odor are placed.