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What is Traditional Advertising?

signhangingdelightSep 16, 2017, 10:56:23 PM

Advertising is an age-old practice that has helped companies display their products and content for hundreds of years. It encourages brand awareness to the target audience. Sales are a focus, but this name recognition is what is most important for advertisers. While it has grown more sophisticated over the years with online marketing, there is still need to hang on to the more traditional means of advertising.


There are a few traditional means of advertising. The first is the newspaper. This medium is one of the oldest placements for early and modern advertisements alike. In colonial times, the paper helped birth some of the first known advertisements for British-imported goods to the United States. You as the most disposable place to advertise as people buy a new edition of the newspaper each day. A newspaper only has a few seconds to catch a customer’s attention before they turn the page.


Many newspaper advertisements are local, as most newspapers are local. However, there are a few nationally sold newspapers. Consider your target market and make sure that your ad is placed in the right newspaper for your audience.


Another print source for advertisements is the magazine. A magazine is an ideal location to strengthen your target market because there are magazines for every topic and niche, most of circulating nationally. With the higher potential to print in color and on glossy paper, there is more opportunity to catch your audience’s attention than with the black and white of a newspaper print. Magazine advertising is more lasting as magazines are published monthly, and some are printed quarterly.


An older medium is the radio advertisement. Commercials on the radio span between 30 and 60 seconds, so these posters are attractive to many companies. However, unlike the newspaper and magazine publication, which sits in front of the customer, a radio advertisement can be turned over to the next thing much easier.


Billboards are huge and visible forms of advertisement. They are visual signs of the product being made aware. Whether it is 60-foot tall or small and held with aluminum banner hangers, a visual reminder is often compelling for those passing in vehicles or large cities. They must pop immediately to a potential customer and be extremely visible. They should be simple to read and understand.


Traditional advertising is often overlooked for modern online marketing, as most of us are on our mobile devices or computers a good amount of the day. Still, precious little can beat an enticing billboard for a burger when you’ve been driving for hours, or a monster truck rally we hear about on the radio. Always advertise according to your audience.