Distinguish the Different Types of Diaper Rash

RaymondPhillips Sep 16 2017

Diaper rash is something every mom knows about, but has difficulty treating let alone preventing. It is not necessarily a sign of parental/maternal neglect, though that can be a factor too. Medically, diaper rash can still happen even with the best baby care. It is some kind of contact dermatitis that can be complicated by a lot of factors. This is why there are several types of diaper rash.


While most moms will probably successfully treat the diaper rash eventually, some, especially new moms are still lost figuring out the different causes and types of diaper rash. While you can always speak with a doctor today through your smartphone and a special app, understanding these can help a mom prevent and effectively treat slight or minor rashes at the first sign so that this does not become a full-pledge case of bad rash.


Thus, it is important to distinguish the different types of rashes common among babies.


·         Contact or Common Diaper Rash

While busy attending to the laundry or cooking, you might be forgetting your baby has been in the wet diaper longer than usual. This can cause the skin to redden, but nothing too serious there. With a wash, some creams and a change of diaper, this will soon go away.


·         Yeast or Bacteria Rash

If your baby has been in a soiled diaper for an extended period of time, he might have the common rashes which maybe complicated by secondary infection caused by the yeasts and bacteria present in the feces and urine. This kind of rash appears as red rash that are bigger than pin pricks. These are harder to treat and may last for days without the proper treatment. You need an ointment or cream that is specific for yeasts or bacteria for the skin condition to improve.


·         Rash Caused by Acidic Irritants

As your baby grows older and new foods are introduced, the pH of his/her feces can become more acidic. If the diaper is not changed soon after the bowel movement, this can trigger a bright red painful rash.

There are other types of diaper rash that can be triggered by other factors, which is why it's important to talk to a doctor online for any questions or clarifications.


·         Allergies

Sensitivity to certain food or to ointment, cream or the diaper itself can trigger this type of rash. Usually, rashes occurring all throughout the area indicate that the source of the allergen is the diaper. A rash that appears like a ring around the anal area usually points to food allergy.


·         Psoriasis

This is not common for babies, but it can affect them. The skin rashes in the scalp, arms and legs appear red and thickened with silvery scales. This can be itchy or sore. If this type of rash appears in the other parts of the body aside from the diaper area, then it can be psoriasis.


·         Impetigo

This rash presents as yellow-brownish pus-filled blisters with or without crusty patches. If this develops on the other parts of the body like lower abdomen and thighs aside from the diaper area, it can be impetigo. Better ask your doctor about it.


·         Eczema

This skin condition can be mistaken with allergy because its signs can get worse with certain food. It can also be thought of as psoriasis as the rash appears scaly and red, and it is itchy too. You would know it is eczema when the skin eruptions have blisters and oozing. Treatments may require steroids to quell the swelling in severe cases.


These different types of diaper rash can best be prevented by frequent changing of diapers. Using skin barriers against wetness and irritant is also helpful. In cases when the healing of the rashes is taking longer than usual, it is best to consult a physician paediatrician to rule out allergies, psoriasis, impetigo or eczema.