Workplace Hustles to Make Money & Alienate People

lifehackertips Sep 12 2017

At some point in time you may find yourself at a job where most all employees are temporary and there is little cohesion between departments. These are usually seasonal jobs, internships, or just transition roles while you search for a better position. The bottom line is that you may not exactly care about these types of jobs, and they are usually easily replaceable. If you do something to get fired, oh well—leave a 6 month gap in your resume and just say you were ‘traveling.’ While at these types of jobs you’ll likely find yourself being given less respect than a human deserves by management, and coworkers don’t typically bother getting to know one another intimately since their time together is so short. For positions such as these, there are some great hacks, tips, and hustles to keep you ahead of the curve.

Lunch Order Coupon Hustle

If you work in an office building where it might be appropriate to walk around taking lunch orders, this hustle is for you. All you need to get started is a fake sense of good-will and a line on a local lunch discount, and a copy of a menu. The way this works is by walking around and letting everyone know you’re taking lunch orders for a certain restaurant you’re going to for lunch. You walk around with a pad and paper, along with the normal menu (available on most websites) for people to pick from, and give you money based on those prices. This is just work if you don’t have coupons, so make sure to do your due diligence. Fast food restaurants like Burger King, McDonalds, and etc. always put out promotional flyers for random sales. Ideally however, you want to find a 20% off anything type coupon so you’ll be able to make money off every order. You just walk in, order like usual, pay the restaurant out of the money you’ve collected from coworkers—and pocket the rest. If you’ve got a 20% off coupon, you’ll make a cool $20 on a $100 run (not bad for a lunch break). Even if you get caught doing this, you can just say that you didn’t know there was a special going on, and that you didn’t feel like calculating 20% of everyone’s order to return the change.

Faking Sick to Get Out of Work

If you’re at a pretty temporary job, chances are you don’t get much time off. Most hourly jobs simply won’t pay you if you don’t come into work, but some can actually start to penalize you for unexcused absences. For salary jobs however, this trick is really relevant and can help you actually get paid for doing nothing! The way this works is that you just fake sick, but upon your return to work you bring with you a fake doctor’s excuse indicating that you were actually sick. There are all sorts of services that come included with many of the doctor’s note vendors online, and you can get quality signatures and even call back services to help sure-up your ploy. Read more about using an online doctor's template from quality sources to better understand the considerations needed to be made.

Careful Considerations to Make

These workplace hustles aren’t the most legitimate ways to get a leg up in the world, but they aren’t illegal either. You might get some sideways looks from your boss or coworkers, but if you’re at a job you don’t particularly care about anyway who cares? It’s important to note however, if you pull one of these at a job you consider your career, it’s likely to end up with consequences you aren’t happy with. Hustling a few extra dollars during lunch and using a fake doctor’s note to skip out on work are both usually not foreseen by employers or coworkers. Using either of these methods selectively can help you move through otherwise unpleasant workplaces with a little more ease