Using Fake Doctor’s Note Templates to Skip Work

lifehackertips Sep 12 2017

Sometime regardless of how much you enjoy your job you need to take time off. Maybe you’re sick, maybe your kid has a big event, or maybe you’re going on vacation. Whatever the reason, you will need to put in for some time off work. If you’ve already used your personal days, these situations can cause a bit of a problem. Fortunately, the wide world of the internet can provide you doctor’s note templates that can be used to fake sick to squeeze out an extra day off. These aren’t illegal, though would likely get you fired if your boss ever found out! We’ll go over some of the considerations you should make if you are thinking about using this simple work hack to get some extra time off.

Use These Templates Sparingly

Doctor’s note templates are unique and novel ways to hack a bit of extra time away from work. Sometimes they can be used purely for recreational use and sometimes they can be used to save on medical cost when you’re too sick to go to work—but not sick enough to go to the doctor. Regardless of your use, it can pay to be thrifty with how often you use this. Let’s think about this from a boss’s perspective for a moment. If you had an employee that was a good performer, regularly on time, and didn’t have a habit of giving BS excuses you’d probably never suspect them to use a fake doctor’s note.  This employee could likely use such an excuse without you being very suspicious. However, if you had an employee that was regularly late to work, regularly causing issues you had to deal with, and generally coming up in some odd situations, you’d likely scrutinize such an excuse. Before you consider using a templated doctor’s note for work, make sure you aren’t already a target for scrutiny.

Use Quality Templates

There are a lot of free doctor’s note templates floating around on the internet, but not all of them are of high enough quality to risk using for work. Many of these templates were created quickly by scammers not readily aware of the nuances of real doctor’s excuses. This may be as simple as a lack of letterhead, no section for an address, or the failure to include a phone number. While advertised as ‘doctor’s notes’ these free pdf templates are actually little more than crass inventions of those with little experience. As a general rule, stay away from the templates that are free to download without paying anything. These are the products from sites that don’t have anything to lose if you get fired and leave a bad review—after all, they didn’t sell you anything.

Using Appropriate Templates

Another careful consideration to make is to use appropriate templates when submitting a fake doctor’s note for work. You wouldn’t want to call in faking the flu only to show up after a long weekend with a note from a dentist. This type of consideration is very important though often gets little attention. Fake doctor’s note template often come with a lot of customization options, but sometimes aren’t relevant from the get go. No matter how many details you add to a dentist note, it’s not going to turn it into a doctor’s note, and vice versa. To avoid this type of confusion, you’d want to ensure you’re getting a premium product that’s catered to your individual need—not some cheap free template that’s going to get spotted in a heartbeat.

Final Considerations

Using a faked doctor’s note template isn’t the most above-board move in the world. Still though, certain situations call for such measures to be enacted to avoid unfair issues at work or school. If you’re aware of the risks, proceeding with an eye on quality is advisable. Using quality doctor note templates from premiums sites rather than free downloads will help ensure your chances of success. Remember, it’s a gamble but there’s no reason to decrease your odds.