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Tricks to Win at Online Live Roulette

rouletteqqonlineSep 2, 2017, 5:37:57 AM

Online roulette games, as we all know it, have the best payout in online and land based casinos alike. It is a staple game, you can see it in almost all casinos. And today, because of modern technology this game have evolve into many forms. Like it can be played not just in desktop or laptops, it can be also played with mobile phones. But let’s face it, winning in this game is very hard. There are numbers from 0 – 36 where we have to guess where the ball will land. But if you guessed right, you take a payout of 1:35. There is also side bets that can place our wagers on. Good thing, here are some tricks to win at online live roulette that I am going to share with you.

The first is to play roulette with mobile phones. How can we beat roulette online games using a mobile phone application? It is simple, mobile devices are much easier to carry, meaning we can play roulette games and have latest information on the bonuses that we will get by playing it. All you have to do is connect to a decent internet connection, and you can start playing instantly. Next, make use of the side bets, do not bet on a single number result. The odds of winning the side bets are 50%, much higher than selecting from a range of numbers 0 – 36. A good side bet that I recommend is the red or black, even though it pays 1:1, you can still manage to win a lot of rounds.

And last but not least, take advantage of the promotions such as SPECIAL EXTRA BOUNS 200%. It is a great promo that can give you up to 30,000 MYR. This is only some of the easiest tricks to win roulette, if you want more, visit the Asia trusted casino where you can play this game with a minimum bet of MYR 1. Sign up now, deposit and claim your bonuses.