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sports247 May 27 2016

Watch [Minds] Monday Night Football Live Stream Online Free HD.

The New England Patriots lose their most used catcher due to a knee ligament injury. Besides, they cut Kony Ealy. The New England Patriots have lost Julian Edelman for the entire season. In the first drive of his preseason game against the Detroit Lions, the receiver broke the ligaments of the knee and the recovery period of this injury goes to nine months, reason why the equipment has to live without him. It is a monumental low. No receiver, throughout the league, captured more passes than him after the tenth week of last season.

Throughout 2016, he took 98 passes for 1,106 yards, longest-running Patriots numbers. Historically, only Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski have been the subject of more pitches by Tom Brady throughout his career. His position in the field, little less than an invention of Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels, is that of a receiver of position, a recapture of slot, or a running back that leaves from the external positions exaggerated? Absolutely. Julian Edelman has become the referent of a design that was born with Wes Welker and, starting from New England, has conquered almost all the attacks of the league.

That is why its low is crucial, enormous, and would be catastrophic almost in any system and in any organization. Of course, we do not talk about any system or any organization. In the last 15 years, the Patriots team has been characterized by a "nex man up" philosophy, to pass the next, in which everyone is important but nobody is essential. Edelman himself was, in his day, understood as a shot to the air, an impossible quarterback turned small receiver to occupy the huge gap that Welker left in the squad. And it came out as I described earlier. In addition, if we stick to only the attack, New England schemes make their seemingly endless receivers and runners, some of them semi-unknown, swarm the field looking for ways to take advantage of individual pairings while Tom Brady chooses the one with the most advantage Has, regardless of its name, its number or its pedigree.

From this point of view, it is easy to imagine that, despite the great loss, the substitution will not be traumatic. The system and philosophy of the team take care of it. Brandin Cooks and Chris Hogan will have more balls, Rex Burkhead and James White will be more versatile, Austin Carr will be known to the general public and the gear will continue to function. As it will continue to function after cutting Kony Ealy. Because in other news related to the franchise, the Patriots have cut the pass rusher that came from the Carolina Panthers and for which they paid eight draft positions, that is the difference between the second round they sent to Carolina and the third that Received from the Panthers. It has not been adapted and here the problem is greater, because the depth of the position is scarce in the template of New England. Trouble in paradise. The big favorite has suffered a setback. And it is of importance, but more so would occur in an offensive scheme less profound than that of the Patriots and in an organization less prepared to replace anyone than the one of New England. These people won a Super Bowl without Rob Gronkowski, so do not weep over them.