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Lenovo Vibe S1 smart phone issue and solution

LenovosupportAug 28, 2017, 6:48:17 AM

 Lenovo is a well-known smart phone manufacturer this is known to the every Android smart phone users, Lenovo releases wide varieties of smart phone on regular intervals which cop up with the user requirements, Lenovo always satisfies its customers by introducing new technology or you can say new features in their smart phones. Recently Lenovo launched the Lenovo vibe S1 that comes with the lot of specifications and loved by the lots of Android users, but when an android device used for the few months then several issues arises and the same happens with the Lenovo vibeS1 smart phone, many users reported some of the issues here I am going to tell some of the issues that are coming in the Lenovo vibe S1 after using it for the several months. Here I will also give you the solution but if you are not satisfied by my solution you can get the expert advice from the Lenovo Customer Service team. 

Here are some of the issue and their solution that is coming in the Lenovo vibe S1 smart phone 

1.      Lag in performance 

Like all android smart phone Lenovo vibe S1 also having the lag issue that is reported by the many users, this can be solved, for this you have to switch to the developer option, there you will reach by tapping several times on the option built number that comes in setting then about phone then device information, there you will find the enabled option enter in that and after that find animation setting there by defaults it will point to 1x, so you turn them to off completely or reduce to 0.5x after this change you will see the performance of your device, this will surely improve. The lag issue can also be solved by clearing the cache stored in application and device. 

2.      Over heating issue 

Like another Android devices this Lenovo vibe S1 also have the overheating issue this device get over heated suddenly so here is the solution to cool it down, for this first you have to remove all the live wallpaper and all the widgets from your device because live wallpaper and the widgets will put more load on the processor that results in heating of the device, so remove them and use static wallpaper and only required widgets. Also, avoid multitasking on the smart phone if the issue persists then switch off the device and turn it on the back after few minutes. 


If anyone is facing more issue then he may contact the customer support person for the solution. You will get the support number from our website https://lenovosupport.org/lenovo-customer-support/