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Entrepreneur's Guide to Success: Top Business Myths That Are Proven Wrong

KathleenCooperAug 22, 2017, 6:40:23 AM

Aspiring entrepreneurs are cautious and doubtful when starting a business. Taking this venture is like entering a gamble wherein there is no guaranteed probability of winning. For this reason, some individuals can't help to believe the myths and misconceptions regarding building a business. However, letting yourself submerge on these beliefs will only increase the risk of losing your business success. So, what are these false business myths that you have to avoid?


One: Starting a Business Means You Need to Have Lots of Fund


Each person who is planning to engage with business think that money is very much important and the more capital you have, the greater chance you gain in achieving success. This notion is false. Albeit starting a business requires a capital, it does not mean that you need lots of financial resources set your plan in motion. In fact, there are successful entrepreneurs who started with little money on their pockets. There are various ways wherein you can get at least a thousand dollar of capital. Apply for a commercial loan at Lendio for example. Try to see their commercial loan calculator for a small business loan.


Two: You Need an Accomplished Detailed Business Plan


There is nothing wrong in writing a business plan. In fact, it is highly recommendable to do so since it can guide you towards your goals and help you navigate in business. However, making it too complex and detailed wherein you could not start your business due to the fact that you are having a hard writing an exemplary business plan is downright wrong. Your business plan is simply your guide and the constant changes in the market will force you to compromise with your former plan. Thus, writing a detailed one is a waste of your effort and time.


Three: There is A Right Time to Build a Business


There is no specific time to build a business. If you think you want to start one today, go for it! Do not always rely on market reports and trends on when to build your business. It will only keep you from stalling.


Four: You Need to Have an MBA Degree to Begin a Business


There is no need for you to have an MBA degree and graduate with flying colors to build a successful business. Reaching your ambitions in this endeavor is all about your determination, skills, creativity, and innovativeness. Thus, if you have a small capital or your perfect loan at lendio.com and a great idea, start right away!


Five: All Entrepreneurs are Wealthy


Not all entrepreneurs turn out wealthy. That is a hard fact that you should know and remember. Entering the business world does not entail your guaranteed success in this venture. Though there are entrepreneurs who achieved in business, there are still many of them who are not wealthy. Thus, if your goal in business is just to be rich, never bother to enter this industry. Lendio's goal is to help and guide aspiring entrepreneurs to towards their path of success. Get in touch with them, start raising credit score and apply for a business loan.