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The prime news of release iPhone: iPhone release event

KarenPottsAug 19, 2017, 10:23:09 PM

The white version of Apple's popular iPhone has been left wanting. Long rumored whether or not it would come and when. Finally all doubts have been cleared. The manager has been Philip Schiller, vice president of marketing of the house of the apple that on his Twitter has commented (nothing formal, but confirmation after all) that in spring will arrive the "precious" iPhone white version.

The week ending today has left us the output of the iPhone as a purely technological event. Despite all the controversy over its launch, the sales success of the first batch has already occurred, as expected.

The white iPhone release event will be available in the after some days (and it's a beauty!).

What "precious" was the epithet that Mr. Schiller has included in his message? An addition that will certainly generate Commentary Rivers (it is already doing) from here to finally be found in stores. Although it has not wanted to be more precise, and has not set an exact date or if it will be available in all countries. We understand that it would be a shock to your phone in the market and would be a good appetizer of the next version. That if finally we are not surprised with an imminent new version with the classic option in black and this long awaited, by many, in white.


To see it through Spain will have to wait until release day, at which time you can buy the most basic model, with 16+ GB of internal memory, for 629+ euros. The 32 and 64 GB will come out by 739 and 849 respectively. Prices are not official in Spain but it is expected that the exchange dollars-euros plus the tax issue equals these figures from French and German stores.


The availability iPhone release event in the iPhone stores, which will be the first event to receive them in stores, is one to two weeks, so the release date is indicative. We will see if with the agreements with the operators these dates are reduced or not, and if there is a shortage of models when the launch is international, that is quite predictable so be it.